Is it a crime to break off a relationship?

Hello! Glad to be back again. Hope you are doing great? I believe this year shall end on a good note for us all if only we take time to work towards our goals.

Today, I am going to continue with my book, the SECRET PASSION, with a little digression here and there. I will be posting the excerpt from the book because its so in line with what I really want to blog about today. Happy reading!

“Don’t you understand? Apart from the fact that I don’t love you in that way, I have to be convinced that you are the man meant for me…but I am not.”
She snapped, trying to make him see reason. Discomfort prickled her neckline and she wondered how she got herself into such a situation.
He continued to plead with her as his hand wandered over her back urging, cradling and seeking. Suddenly as if possessed, he grabbed her and kissed her on her slightly parted lips – lips parted in shock. He forced her lips further apart.
It was a kiss of a desperate man.
She could feel how fast his heart was beating under her palms as she tried to push him away in her panic. She realized he teetered dangerously close to losing control completely. She clutched at his arms that was around her like an iron band. But to no avail.
She realised she needed to do something drastic. She balled her fingers into a fist and dealt him a blow to the side of his face. She felt his hold on her slacken and she was free.
He looked at her in a daze – a stupid expression marring his face.

Hmmm. Want to know more? Get the book….or exercise some patience as I unfold it on this blog. Posting it is fun and I discover I couldn’t resist doing some editing here and there as I try to correct some typos and grammatical error. So I crave your indulgence  if the content of the hardcopy is slightly different from what you see here.

In my next post, I will be discussing more on the topic , ‘Is it a crime to break off a relationship?’ Today’s post is just a background scenario to use as a point of reference.
Till my next post…live a life that counts!

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