Intimate Relationship with Him

Hello! Yes! Let’s go into my book – SECRET PASSION. I will start with the forward written by my spiritual mother and mentor, Nike Adeyemi. She is the President of Real Woman Foundation. A non governmental organisation that brings healing to women and children, building courage and integrity in them to make a positive change in the nation.

I came in contact with this woman of God, an epitome of simplicity and grace over a decade ago. Ever since, she continues to be a source of inspiration to me. This Forward was written in 2001 when SECRET PASSION was first published. The book was reprinted in 2008.

The year of publication notwithstanding, the principles contained therein are as timeless as ever. This can be attested to by the numerous testimonies I received via text messages, emails, facebook etc

I made bold to say, your testimony is next in Jesus name!


God expects us to have a fruitful and intimate relationship with Him before we seek intimate relationship with others. There is a yearning in everyone to love and be loved. We cannot love in our own strength therefore we need to know and accept God’s unconditional and rich love before we can truly love another person.

Life is all about relationships therefore it is not something to be taken lightly. Singleness is

NOT a curse! We need to appreciate being single before we can appreciate marriage.

SECRET PASSION is a story that you would enjoy as through it we can see and appreciate what single men and ladies in search of a life partner go through.

God knows everyone of us! He knows what we are going through and yet He has a good plan for our future if only we would walk with Him.

Hmmm. Profound! Till my next post, let’s purpose to live a life that counts!

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‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.