Welcome! Happy New Year! Thank you for making 2015 a fulfilling and impactful year! #ListenUpNG 2016 will be more fulfilling!????

Today on #ListenUpNG Wk1 2016, it is with great honour and joy that I present my father, mentor and life coach @sam_adeyemi ????????????

#ListenUpNG @sam_deyemi is an International Conference Speaker, a Mentor, an outstanding Life Coach, Father and Husband.

#ListenUpNG @sam_adeyemi is a man of character and his leadership skills and principles are exemplary.

#ListenUpNG @sam_adeyemi with his wife @NikeAdeyemi are the hosts of the annual EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE in Nigeria, Africa

#ListenUpNG @sam_adeyemi is also the President of Success Power International and the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre @daystarng

#ListenUpNG @sam_adeyemi has a mandate to raise role models in the society and teach success pinciples to ensure a better life for the masses

Join me to welcome @sam_adeyemi on board #ListenUpNG as he shares on HOW TO REINVENT YOURSELF in this new year.

1. Thank you @KemiOdutayo. Each year, we reflect on the years passed and then consider the new year ahead. #ListenUpNG

2. We’ve done so much in our lives, had so many experiences, & often arrive at a point we ask ourselves: What’s next for me? #ListenUpNG

3. With each year, we can count on change; we can count on new experiences.#ListenUpNG

4. And with each new year, we can count on continuing our quest for the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. #ListenUpNG

5. It is the pursuit of happiness & fulfillment that drives us to enhance the quality of our lives, year after year. #ListenUpNG

6. When a major shift happens in our lives, we have to take control of who we will become or risk never reaching our potential #ListenUpNG

7.I’ve reinvented myself several times in my life. Each time I’ve done it, I’ve forged my new path deliberately & with foresight #ListenUpNG

8. When you wait for the future to find you, you will wait in vain; you will be lost in confusion & frustration #ListenUpNG

9. Have you lost track of your long-term goals and dreams in the everyday running around? #ListenUpNG

10. Are you thinking of starting your own business, or switching careers, there is no better time than now to do so #ListenUpNG

11. Take the opportunity of a new year to make new beginnings and to get yourself back on track. #ListenUpNG

12. Sit quietly, close your eyes, & imagine the people, places, or situations that you need to leave behind. #ListenUpNG

13. Imagine the future that you want and imagine how you will feel in that new place. #ListenUpNG

14. Stand for a moment and silently voice your appreciation to God for everything that came your way before now. #ListenUpNG

15. Once you’ve given thanks with compassion & gratitude, imagine yourself walking away from the past & into the future #ListenUpNG

16. Write about your reinvention. Imagine a scene from it or write about how you’d like it to play out. #ListenUpNG

17. Continue writing for as long as this exercise feels stimulating and exciting. Write scenes, dialogues, lists, & plans #ListenUpNG

18. Make the future come alive. Write about how it will feel to be there. #ListenUpNG

19. Keep your writing somewhere, where you will look at it occasionally. Feel free to add to it regularly. #ListenUpNG

20. Surround yourself with visual reminders of the life you would like to create. #ListenUpNG

21. If it’s a new job in a particular field, put images from that field someplace where you will see it every day #ListenUpNG

22. If it’s a home, find a picture of a house that you love and put it near your front door. #ListenUpNG

23. It can be anything that reminds you of the life you are moving towards. #ListenUpNG

24. Now that you have a vision of your future, break it up into workable tasks. #ListenUpNG

25. What do you need to do, every day, to create that vision? Start a business? Search for a place to live? Make it specific. #ListenUpNG

26. Make a list of everything you need to do & a schedule when you’ll do it. Do it & commit to keep doing it, one day at a time #ListenUpNG

27. Every morning & evening, close your eyes and see yourself walking towards your future #ListenUpNG

28. Always reconnect with why you are moving toward this new possibility. #ListenUpNG

29. I must confess, reinvention is neither easy nor always smooth. Often, we struggle and encounter resistance. #ListenUpNG

30. We don’t want to let go, even of things that cause us pain or that are obviously already out of our grasp. #ListenUpNG

31. We often struggle with limiting beliefs or stories about ourselves that hold us back from trying new things. #ListenUpNG

32. Always keep your compass pointed to the new life, even in the midst of any resistance or struggles you encounter on the way. #ListenUpNG

33. Each time you find yourself slipping into old habits, making excuses, procrastinating on a task that might help you advance #ListenUpNG

34. Don’t bother wondering what is wrong with you or beating yourself up. #ListenUpNG

35. Just ask yourself this: “What can I do in this moment to keep moving forward?” #ListenUpNG

36. No matter what you feel in the moment, fear, self-critical, tired, lazy, or disappointed #ListenUpNG

37. Do something courageous to maintain the momentum, even if it’s one small thing at a time. #ListenUpNG

38. Remember that true courage isn’t about not feeling fear; it’s about feeling fear and acting anyway. #ListenUpNG

39. Choose courage instead of letting your fear choose your future for you. #ListenUpNG

40. Are you serious about transformation? I’m not talking about improving yourself or making things a bit better. #ListenUpNG

41. I’m talking about the reset button; a reinvention that changes the game. #ListenUpNG

42. That means an overhaul in what you believe and how you do your things generally. #ListenUpNG

43. The key to the reinvention of who you are, then, is to become someone you have never been before. #ListenUpNG

44. Become someone with the rare skill of getting things done; making things happen & creating outcomes that people seek for. #ListenUpNG

45. To reinvent yourself relish the idea of growth through failure. You must be willing to fail with grace. #ListenUpNG

46. School isn’t over; school continues with life experiments & experiences & the constant failure of trying and of learning #ListenUpNG

47. Read something that challenges you to think differently. #ListenUpNG

48. Discard what you think you know and instead learn what you need to learn, every day #ListenUpNG

49. When you become the person in your vision, like a magnet, you’ll attract all else in the vision. #ListenUpNG

50. Welcome to a new year and a new you! #ListenUpNG

Wow! I trust with these 50 nuggets, we will be able to reinvent ourselves and chart a new course in 2016. Make it a date with us on #ListenUpNG every Friday in 2016 by 4pm for more mentoring on #RealLifeIssues. See ya!

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