Hello peeps! I did a tweetcast late last year on the platform of #WhenSinglesGather . This is the brainchild of @Grace_Festus where Singles are mentored to have successful relationships.
I decided to post the compiled tweets for you to #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on. I pray that you will find comfort and succour for your bleeding hearts in these words.
1)Good evening everyone! So glad for this opportunity 2share wit u on this platform
2)Today, we are going to be discussing the topic : How not to break down after a break up
3)For the purpose of this tweetcast, we are focusing mainly but not solely on relationships that had progressed to the ‘final’ phase…
4)…whereby the two parties involved were engaged or are committed to marry each other in the near future

5)… probably with the knowledge of both families and friends before the breakup

6)To break up means the engagement/commitment is now null and void. Either of the party could have initiated the break up
7)The Break up could be for any reason whatsoever…as flimsy as ‘I don’t love you again’ or ‘I met another person’ etc
8)The various reasons for breaking up is not our focus today, that’s a topic for another day
9)To Break down means that feeling of losing control, being depressed and in despair. That sinking feeling of ‘things falling apart and the centre can not hold’
10)It could be as bad as feeling suicidal; wanting to escape the feeling of rejection & humiliation before all and sundry
11)Some suffer acute trauma that may scar them for life and colour their judgement of any other relationship.
12)Usually, it’s not the person that initiated the ‘Break up’ that ‘Breaks down’! Feeling jilted is just plain horrible!
13)But with God’s help today, we are going to learn how not to break down after a break up
14)My target audience today are Singles that are about to enter a relationship
15)Singles that are in a relationship/friendship and are on the verge of getting engaged.
16)Singles that are engaged and in courtship with or without parental knowledge
17)Singles that have experienced a break up in times past or about to.
18)Singles that are feeling jilted and abandoned when they notice their ‘crush’ move on. Mind you, the feeling is only one sided o!
19)Firstly, It is highly essential that you know yourself and your purpose on this planet earth before entering into any relationship
20)This will guide you in the choice of your life partner. Can 2 walk together unless they are in agreement?
21)By ‘agreement’, I guess you know you can agree to disagree? Opposites do attract! He/she doesn’t have to be exactly like you!
22)And for you to discover yourself & your purpose, you need to know who created you! He alone knows your purpose
23)Being in a relationship with God then affords you the opportunity to know His minds towards you
24) For instance, HE says all things will work together for your good and that He wish above all things that you be in health even as your soul prospers
25)HE says none shall lack his/her mate even if He(God) has to bring a man/woman from a far country to make this happen
26)HE says those that look to him will not be put to shame& that His sheep hear his voice, the voice of a stranger they will not listen to
27)Above all, you need to know that HE has given human beings free wills to chose though He wants us to choose aright
28)But inevitably, the choice is ours. You might have been so convinced that you are in a right relationship…
29)But if your partner insist he/she wants out, that doesn’t mean God is a liar or you didn’t hear ‘well’
30)Have you heard about the ‘Perfect’ and ‘Permissive’ will of God? Some will rather have their way and be in the permissive will of God
31)However the perfect will of God remains the best as it’s accompanied with His peace that surpasses all human understanding
32)When in God’s will, you have the assurance that God is in it with you and so ‘no shaking’!
33)It doesn’t mean your relationship will be without challenges or the occasional disagreements
34)But a three fold cord cannot be broken; if your desires&decisions are in absolute subjection to God’s leading
35)A popular saying goes thus, ‘a broken engagement is preferable to a broken marriage’.
36)This is absolutely on point! Pls don’t ignore the red flags you are noticing in your relationship right now
37)You need to discuss it with your partner. Don’t ignore what you can’t tolerate, all in the name of love
38)You will be surprised it will come back to bite you in the butt in future. You can’t change nobody!
39)No matter how painful or disappointing it might be, breaking up might be the best or the only option if one of the parties is uneasy
40)Or would you rather be with someone out of pity or because you have to, for whatsoever reason?
41)Would you subject yourself to a lifetime of insecurity & doubt knowing you manipulated him/her to continue in the relationship even when doubts had been expressed?
42)Is saving face before your family and friends worth a lifetime of suspicion and discontentment you are sure to experience in later years
43)Some people come into our lives just for a reason and a season. Let’s learn from it and move on!
44)If its meant to be, it will be! Have a positive mindset! God has got your back!
45)You might be experiencing emotional pain and disappointment right now as a result of a broken relationship or courtship
46)Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now doesn’t mean you aren’t headed for sunshine.
47)You know what? It’s his/her loss! God has something better in store for you!
48)Trust in Him and be on the lookout for that lady or guy God will be sending your way very soon
49)Be sensitive to God’s leading! Watch and pray, that’s the keywords! Refuse to be depressed!
50)You are more than any break up! So far God hasn’t broken up with you, you are more than good!
51)No ‘Break up’ is enough reason for you to ‘Break down’! Granted, you will feel sad and disappointed about your lost hopes and plans
52)Only a fool trip over what’s behind him/her! Keep your focus on the present and leave what’s behind you behind! In your past!
53)You have enough strength in you to pick yourself up! Refuse to break down! It’s not worth it!
54)Refuse to throw a ‘pity party’; the ‘real party’ is still around the corner. You are only at a ‘bend’ not the ‘end’ 
55)Especially as your best is yet to come! Watch out! You will say I told you so! Lol! You will thank me later! So cheer up!
56)You think your biological clock is ticking away? Better late than sorry!
57)Meanwhile, cultivate your relationship with your God. Learn how He speaks to you.
58)Improve yourself too! Discover what make you tick; your purpose! Let him/her meet you on the ‘job’, doing it!
59)I pray for as many that are hurting right now, receive beauty for your ashes. Joy like a river I prophesied into your lives
60)Few months or years down the lane, you will share your testimony! Shallom!

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