#ListenUpNG Wk21: SHATTERED HOPES! – yeah, I messed up!

Hello friend! Thank God its Friday! Today’s session on #ListenUp is transformational and inspiring! It was mind-blowing! A must read for every Single! Click this link to read the Storify version. Or read the compiled tweets below.


#ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on these. I pray you will be inspired and encouraged as much as I was. Happy reading!

#ListenUp So please join me to make welcome our special guest on today’s session of

#ListenUp & #BraceUp #ShatteredHopes @LaraKudayisi over to you!

1) Hello Everyone. Nice to be here today on this platform.#ListenUp

2) Today,I’ll be sharing on #ShatteredHopes. #ListenUp

3)Talking about #ShatteredHopes, mine was shattered at a very tender age of 18. #ListenUp

4)I found out that I was pregnant and I was 5 months and two weeks gone. #ListenUp

5)And I was without a baby daddy because I had broken up the relationship way back before finding out that I was pregnant. #ListenUp

6)I was already in my second year in the polytechnic and I was handed this bombshell.

7)I was a church girl at that time and the PRO of my department in school. #ListenUp

8. I was the role model that every parent wanted their child to pattern their life after. #ListenUp

9)I was 18 and in the higher institution. I was also in the choir both at home and in school singing for the Lord. #ListenUp

10)So,it was a great embarrassment to my family to discover that I was pregnant and abortion was not an option because of the age.#ListenUp

11)I had to run away from home and pitched my tent in school where I wouldn’t have to wake up to the stares of the neighbours. #ListenUp

12)I felt my life was over especially because the father was not in the picture. I was going to have a baby without marriage. #ListenUp

13)My dad was too hurt and he banished me from our house. #ListenUp

14)I sought solace in school. Thank God I was doing really well there. #ListenUp

15) I faced my life headlong and despite all odds had my baby while still in school. #ListenUp

16)Thank God for my loving mother who never abandoned me. She visited me every sunday with food and love. #ListenUp

17)Well, I had my baby but my self esteem was gone. #ListenUp

18)People scorned me from left to right and made me feel like I was a prostitute #ListenUp

19)They forgot that a prostitute would know how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. #ListenUp

20)After my baby,I felt abandoned and rejected by all. I wanted to feel loved again. #ListenUp

21)I felt having a child had reduced my self worth and of course my “market” since no one would want an “after one”. #ListenUp

22)So, I dropped my baby with my mum at six months and went back to school to finish my final exams #ListenUp

23)I entered the streets in search of love or whatever I thought it was back then. #ListenUp

24)I wore big hairdos,loud make up and short dresses just to get attention. #ListenUp

25)I wanted to people to love me by all means because my self esteem bank was empty! #ListenUp

26)It was in the small city of Abeokuta where promiscuity was rampant way back. #ListenUp

27)So it wasn’t long before I came across the good,bad and the idiots. #ListenUp

28)Every guy saw me as a play thing as desperacy smelt all over me. #ListenUp

29)So,I was used,crushed and abandoned like toilet paper. #ListenUp

30)This resulted in many more pregnancies and I kept getting rid of them with their owners. #ListenUp

32)Instead of finding happiness,sorrow and bitterness were fast creeping in on me. #ListenUp

33)I was more wounded than where I started from. I had a huge hole that kept getting deeper and deeper with each passing day. #ListenUp

34)Thank God my mum was a sensitive and prayerful woman. She wrestled with the devil in prayers and fasting just to get me back home #ListenUp

35)I had finished my exams and stayed put in abeokuta because I was wallowing in lust and dirt.

36)After almost a year, God won as I got tired of the pain and came back home to my baby and family. #ListenUp

37)Back to Lagos,the struggle continued…Victoria Asserta..#ListenUp

38)Another cycle of pain,hurt and betrayal..#ListenUp

39)All these happened because I didn’t find myself. I didn’t even know who I was. #ListenUp

40)I wanted to validate myself with the men. Society made feel worthless without a man.

41)I didn’t know that even though I had a child, I was pure and clean in God’s eyes. #ListenUp

42)I didn’t know that he still loved me and wanted to hold me close. #ListenUp

43)I was finding my happiness in a MAN!!A human mortal just like me. #ListenUp

44)God created me so finding myself in Him only guaranteed my happiness. #ListenUp

45)I have come to tell someone here today that irrespective of what you ve been through, your maker sees you and is proud of you #ListenUp

46)Even though he resents your dirt and sin;He knows you are helpless without Him. #ListenUp

47)Well,fastforward 4 years after;I got a bank Job and was doing really fine. #ListenUp

48)Infact,I had re-dedicated my life to God and was serving in His vineyard. #ListenUp

49)I thought at this time I was matured enough to know what I wanted in a man. #ListenUp

50)Infact,I felt the church was the best place to be found since we all raise holy hands to worship God in praise. #ListenUp

51)Another round of betrayal and hurts.. I couldn’t understand why. #ListenUp

52)I didn’t know that the church is a hospital and so many sick people troop in day and night. #ListenUp

You got that right, sis! A place to receive TLC – tender, loving care with the aim of getting better.1/  #ListenUp

Hence the need for discernment to know who is responding to treatment and who is not! #ListenUp 2/

53)Besides, what I knew as spiritual wasn’t what is indeed spiritual. #ListenUp

54)The tongue speaking and manifestations of the spirit are not what qualifies a person as being spiritual. #ListenUp

55)Those were The Gifts of the Spirit! #ListenUp

56)The Fruit of the Spirit is what qualifies you as a believer and that is what would keep your spot in heaven. #ListenUp

57)So, i followed a brother because of his spiritual gymnastics. He was also so fine and calm! #ListenUp

‘Supposed content’ and ‘fine container’! #ListenUpNG Singles, you need to be led of the Spirit! Follow your heart but take your brain with you!

58)We had even chosen a wedding date and everyone in church knew us together. Both Families were already gearing to meet. #ListenUp

59)We made another silly mistake and we had sex again…#ListenUp

60)Of course, pregnancy followed and I felt though we had sinned,we could as well keep d pregnancy since we were going to be married #ListenUp

61)Shockingly,brother refused blatantly!!I had to remove the pregnancy or there was no wedding! #ListenUp

62)All of a sudden,shattered hopes and dreams enveloped me like a cloak. #ListenUp

63)I begged and begged and consented to abort since that would guarantee my marriage. #ListenUp

64)I aborted it and exactly 7 days after,brother showed up and broke his engagement with me.

65)I was devastated and felt like dying..I didn’t believe this could happen to me all over again. #ListenUp

66)Long story short, brother left me and got married some months down the line #ListenUp

67)I was praying and fasting for 40 days just to get this brother back. #ListenUp

68)That was when God spoke to me and said he wasn’t my husband because (1)I made him my idol  #ListenUp

69) (2)He was going to disturb God’s purpose for my life. #ListenUp

70)I started my purpose which is sharing my past and helping people. #ListenUp

71)I started timidly and my husband found me.

#ListenUp babes! Any guy that will rather lead you to his groin than lead you to God is a threat to your destiny! Pls RUN! Flee!

72)Now, I am married to the best man on earth and we have 2 kids. #ListenUp

73)I am so thankful that all the previous relationships didn’t work out because I would have missed my King if it worked out. #ListenUp

74)Also,I am now a relationship counsellor who helps people rebuild their lives. #ListenUp

75)I know someone reading this would have hope again when you discover your purpose and run with it. #ListenUp

76)Check my blog on http://t.co/bLiCcoU3z4 to read more relationship articles that would help you. #ListenUp

77)Thank you @KemiOdutayo for this opportunity to touch lives once again. #ListenUp

78)Thank you all for reading and please keep your comments and questions coming. #ListenUp

@LaraKudayisi Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! Your mess has indeed turned into your message. Thanks for honoring our invitation.

Wow! That was touching! Indeed, as I earlier tweeted, it doesn’t matter what you are going through. It doesn’t even matter how far you have gone in the wrong direction. God’s arms are opened wide; to welcome you back! All you need is to believe! All things are POSSIBLE in Jesus name! – Sinach

#ListenUpNG We are but clay in the hands of the potter! You may now be broken, twisted and stepped on but…the POTTER wants to put you back! You can contact me or Lara for help! Check your life. Do you notice any negative pattern or behaviour you need to change?

It is not late to live your best life ever. It’s in you! I am passionate about your relationship with God, man and our nation Nigeria!

Next week on #ListenUp, Watch out for another interesting session. Remember, its going to be May 29th, our Democracy Day! So in honor of this day, @ToyeSobande  is going to be our very special guest. The topic of discussion is THE CHANGE WE NEED!

We have been chanting ‘CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!’ What kind of change are we really wishing for? Follow me @KemiOdutayo on twitter as we discuss this national issue. See ya!

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