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After writing his exams,Bode came home.
One sunday after service,i saw Pastor Williams holding his
hand n they both entered d pastor’s office.
When they wouldnt come out after about one hour thirty
minutes,Pst Mrs said i should let us go home,dt she would
come back to d church later to pick Pastor.
So we left to go n prepare lunch as d children were hungry.
About one hour after we got home,Pastor Williams trekked
home with Bode.
I didnt need anybody to tell me he had been seriously
scolded.He was looking like a kid whose mother didnt
remember to drop d key of d cupboard where his lunch was
kept before she left d house.
Mummy n i were in d kitchen when they came in.
Bode came to meet us there,greeted mummy,n then turned
to me.
“Pls,we need to talk privately, Pastor said i should come n
meet u,so we can talk n sort things out.”
I wondered why,but then i turned to mummy “Am i allowed
“Of course,my dear.Go to ur room”.She answered.
We both went inside d room n left d door widely opened.
Goodness and Mercy (Pastor’s five year old twins) ran
after us to d room.
I heard their mum shouting from d kitchen “Come here
o,Mercy!, Goodness!!..Aunty Sewa will soon come n join
u,dont disturb them”.
As soon as d children left, Bode said “Pls,i’m sorry for
everything i’ve put u tru. Pastor have made me realise my
mistake,he really spoke to me.He even asked if i’m born
again.I told him i am.I only yielded to d call of d flesh.He
made me to pray a prayer of forgiveness,n i believe u’ve
done d same,i also believe God has forgiven us.I promise u
n God,just as i’ve promised my Pastor,dt such will never
happen again,not with u nor any other woman,except d one
i eventually get married to.Pls,find a place in ur heart to
forgive me.” He started shedding tears.
I asked him if he wouldnt mind going to Lagos to meet my
He said he didnt want to go initially,but Pastor Williams
told him to go,so he has decided to go.He said he would go
during d week.I gave him my dad’s number n he called him
right there.
Daddy told him to come on thursday or friday,as he wont be
in Lagos from monday to wednesday.
When he left,i told mummy everything we discussed.
She said “Thank God he’s able to realise his mistakes. Dont
worry,God will surely perfect everything. Let’s just keep
praying. He never fails.”
Again,we prayed about Bode’s meeting with my dad,dt
God’s perfect will should be done.
She asked if i had an idea of what my dad wanted to
discuss with Bode.
I said i had no idea,dt my mum only told me dt she had
been talking to daddy everyday about my case,n dt she
really begged him before he could agree to come to Oyan to
meet Bode’s mum. And as God would have it,they needed to
attend dt programme at Ikirun which was just a few
kilometers to Oyan.
“Well,all shall be well”. She answered.
Finally,thursday came.
Bode called me very early in d morning,to inform me dt he
was in d park,waiting for d bus to be full,n then,he would
be on his way to Lagos.
What happened in Lagos?.
What did he come back with?.
Watch out in d next part.


Bode came back from Lagos on saturday.He passed two
nights in our house.
He was so surprised at how he was warmly received by my
parents n siblings.
He really didnt give me d details,but i knew he gave Pastor
d full gist.
With time,my dad became a loving dad to Bode.
They were always talking of each other.
Bode’s 21st birthday met him in Lagos,n according to him,
my family marked it for him in a little way,which he really
He proposed to me,but i turned it down immediately. Not
bcs i didnt have feelings for him,but bcos of d age
When i told mummy about it, her reply surprised me.”Go n
pray about it my dear. Whatever God asks u to do,do it..but
about d issue of age difference,it has no meaning.”
“But….Ma,even if God comes down to tell me to marry
him,i dont think i can.How can i marry someone i’m 4yrs
older than?.He’s just 21 n i’m 25.”
She laughed n said “Is there anywhere it is written in d
bible dt husband must be older than his wife?.D bible only
says dt wives should be submissive to dir own husbands,n as
a result of dt, we have programmed it in our minds dt d
only person we could be submissive to, must be someone
older than us.For ur information,i’m 3yrs older than my
husband.If i didnt tell u now,how would u know?.Go n pray
my dear,n let God’s will be done”.
I prayed n didnt have any restriction in my spirit.
I told my Pastor about it n they prayed for us.
My parents also agreed with d union n we got married at
Ikeja Registry in december, after which we went for
marriage blessings at my parents’ church.
I had a bouncing baby boy on d 17th of January,named
Oluwadarasimi (Meaning God is good to me).I decided to
stay with d Williams until i had d baby.
When Bode graduated from school,my dad connected him
with one of his friends who employed him in his company.
With time,he became d manager of d company,n we’ve been
doing fine since.
We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last
december,n up till now,i’m still trusting God for another
Sometimes in my thought,i would imagine what would have
happened if i had aborted Darasimi’s pregnancy.
I would have thought i couldn’t have another child due to d
abortion.I would never recover from d guilt.
Also,i would have remained barren up till now,not having
any child at all.
I would have been a hinderance to Bode’s destiny.
Lastly,i would have attracted d wrath of God upon myself
in a big way.
Looking at Darasimi,who is Bode’s carbon copy,he has d gift
of singing n playing instruments.He had been composing his
own songs since age 5,dir’s no sentence he cant bring out a
song from,just say it,n he would turn it to a song. And by
now,he’s becoming a Guru in playing keyboard.
I have no doubt God will still bless me with more children, He
had assured me of dt,n i know He would never fail.
My brethren,pls let us learn from ds story.It doesnt matter
how tough what u are going tru is,one day,an end shall
come to it.
Even,if u have missed it in life, dir’s still Somebody u can
turn to,He Is The Way,The Truth and The Life. He will
surely show u d way out if u allow Him to lead u.Never cover
ur sin with another sin. If u do,u are only sitting on a time
bomb,it will explode sooner than expected.
Remain blessed.

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