Find Out Your (Spouse’s) Love Language (2)

Hi! Are we ready to find out our Love Languages? Did I hear someone ask if it's necessary? Yea! It is! I mean, if you want to take your relationship to a new level. If you desire to experience a greater level of intimacy, understanding and bonding with that person of interest. This is the way to go!

Now to those bunch of questions I promised you! We have profiles for the husbands, wives and even the Singles. Log on to to download these.

Wives, try and find out your spouse's sincere answers to these questions. I did! And I realised that what I thought I knew about his preferences are just that – thoughts! Assumptions! Lol! You might be shocked at some of his responses but you will definitely find out HIS LOVE LANGUAGE and how HE wants YOU to express your love to HIM! This will sure guide you in the days to come!

Husbands, do likewise! It will help in knowing which of your spouses' button you will have to keep pushing to show them how much you love and cherish them!

Till my next post, MIND YOUR LANGUAGE and keep speaking his/her dialect! I bet you, that intimacy you so desire is very possible and achievable!

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