Find Out Your (Spouse’s) Love Language (1)

With the just concluded series on MIND YOUR LANGUAGE posted on this blog (Click on this link to bring yourself up to speed), I am fairly sure someone wants to know for certain what his/her LOVE LANGUAGE is!

And yes, you can! By observation and answering some bunch of questions, you can actually deduce what yours or your spouse's PRIMARY LOVE LANGUAGE is. Or it might even be another person of interest(POI) you want a better relationship with. Guess what? You can also discover you, your spouse or that person of interest to you my be BILINGUAL! This is when two love languages are of equal importance.

The world being a global village, there are several resource available on the internet to help you achieve this. You want to learn more? Visit or try the exercise in my next post gotten from this same site. Dr. Gary Chapman has done extensive research on this and he had gone ahead to share his wealth of knowledge with us.

Answering these questions might take a bit of your time because they require you to do some self examination and soul searching. Lol! This notwithstanding, you will be glad you did! Because speaking his or her Love Language will determine how enjoyable or turbulent our relation 'ship' journey is! Watch out!

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