I came across this piece written by a friend and was really touched, enlightened and inspired. A must read especially at a time like this when most of us will be going on fasting as a means of jumpstarting the new year. But are we really doing FASTING right? Read through for your reading pleasure.

40 days, 21 days, 14 days, 7 days, 3days,
So many days, yet many energetic and lazy,
Its a mountain, devoid of fountain
I won’t try to convince you, but my stand I maintain,

Fasting by Osagie Alex

A rote worthy of note,
The dread of all spiritual ritual
Avoided by lay men and left alone for clerics
Like a solemn tune void of lyrics

Sadly it is associated with food,
The reason once mentioned it changes our mood,
But though it looks crude it is actually good,
Only those with insight never flee the hood

This regiment must be done not like an assignment,
Cause copy and paste, is a total waste,
People mindset have been programmed wrong about it,
So their current operating system need a new installation kit

Food helps us stay alive,
Yet sometimes in the realms of gluttony it makes us a fool,
what’s worse about this practice is that it seems to control time,
Cause anytime people embark on this cause,
Time just seem to stand still with no remorse

Truth be told,
Its not to keep you away from food,
But any and everything that makes you feel cool,
So you can be afresh and made new

Stop keeping you watchful eyes on the hand of the clock,
Choose to do it right,
Stay away from pleasure of life,
And engage in this strive
Like the scripture admonishes,
Some of life’s issues won’t go save for prayers and fast

Fast is for a time,
So it will not forever last,
Do it right or not at all,
So think again and be prepared when you take the call

Remember, if Christ did it, Ghandi did it,
What are you waiting for,
Nike already told you, Just do it,
But do it right or don’t do it

The time and days isn’t what matters,
Your heart and intent is what truly matters,
When you fast, please really fast,
The benefits far outweighs the cost.

Written by OSAGIE ALEX
@wisdomcounselin on twitter

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