Hello friends! This post is specially  dedicated to all the Singles in the house. It was done on the platform of THE COUNSELLORS, the brainchild of @AlrightsPassion. It was an honor and opportunity to be a blessing via their platform. There is nothing wrong in being in a relationship. However, there is everything wrong when the relationship is not well defined.
Do #ReadRestAndRelax on these if you want to avoid untold heartache in your relationship. 
1/It’s a great opportunity to be on this platform – THE COUNSELOR, the brainchild of @AlrightsPassion. Thanks for the privilege. 
2/For the purpose of this tweet cast, we will be considering the relationship between opposite sexes.#AlrightsPassion
3/To “Define a Relationship’ simply means to know exactly the aim and purpose of the relationship.(My definition)#AlrightsPassion
4/The need to do this is crucial especially with the term ‘Dating’ or ‘Going out’ being used so loosely among Singles#AlrightsPassion
5/Defining your relationship helps prevent having unrealistic expectations, hopes and ideals that may lead to heartaches#AlrightsPassion
6a/Lets consider this scenario. As a guy, you are close to a particular lady; all over her. Everybody see you as an item
6b/…taking her out on dates, inviting her to your family functions etc#AlrightsPassion
7/Your Family, Friends and Colleagues ask about her saying, “who is that?” And you keep saying, “she’s just a friend.”#AlrightsPassion
8/The lady obviously have a soft spot for you, stronger than what you think but can’t come right out to tell you how much#AlrightsPassion
9/She tries to communicate this via her actions. Going out with you wherever and whenever. Doing your bidding#AlrightsPassion
10/Secretly hoping one day you will pop the question and propose. She gists with her friends about you, often#AlrightsPassion
11/Giggling and assuming it’s just a matter of time, you will be hers and she will be yours#AlrightsPassion
12/This goes on for a year, 2 or 3. She has already become territorial. In her heart you are her fiance even if she didn’t say it to your face#AlrightsPassion
13/Cos of the closeness between you, its inevitable, you tasted the forbidden fruit. Further binding her to you, emotionally #AlrightsPassion
14/You, the lady, goes all out. All because you love him and he says he loves you too. Mere words with no commitment#AlrightsPassion
15/You let this drag on with no definite or in-depth discussion about your relationship. Note: this is not a proposal! #AlrightsPassion
16/You don’t want to appear cheap or look as if you are propositioning him. So you kept quiet. To your own peril. #AlrightsPassion
17/Your guy doesn’t really feel the urge to take the relationship to the next level. He’s ok with the status quo#AlrightsPassion
18/Infact the thought has not even entered his mind. He has you catering to his every whim. Lacking nothing.#AlrightsPassion
19/Out of the blues, he met another lady. A fresh face. He was smitten! He wanted her! You were just a STOP-GAP!#AlrightsPassion
20/You noticed he’s distracted. Caught him out on a date with the other girl and accused him of double dating. Not knowing this isn’t his first#AlrightsPassion
21/He was startled, wondering if he had ever committed himself to you in whatsoever way. To him you are just friends with benefits#AlrightsPassion
22/You are stunned! Couldn’t believe your eyes and ears. You had thought it’s just a matter of time before he proposed#AlrightsPassion
23/You feel jilted and betrayed. All because the relationship wasn’t properly defined#AlrightsPassion
24/Your years of investment fizzled out in front of your very eyes. Gifts, time and emotional investment.#AlrightsPassion
25/Not to mention offering your virginal body or just your vagina as a sacrifice on the altar of love. He had his fill.#AlrightsPassion
26/You probably aborted several pregnancies for him as he always claimed the time is not just right#AlrightsPassion
27/The very guy that seems to be taking his time making a decision whether to propose to you or not, has his wedding IV out in 4months#AlrightsPassion
28/You then realise it probably doesn’t take years and years to decide on who to marry. Making your choice is not rocket sci #AlrightsPassion
29/Yeah! Friendship I believe is the basis of every relationship especially marriage#AlrightsPassion
30/But you can easily determine within weeks or months of meeting a person whether you guys will flow or not#AlrightsPassion
31/How much more in your relationship with the opposite sex. Ask questions! Do you have similar values?#AlrightsPassion
32/Do you feel good with him or her? Do you understand each others weaknesses and strengths? Are you ready to complement and not compete? #AlrightsPassion
33/Do you buy into each others dreams and visions for the future? Are you ready to make sacrifices to ensure he/she excel?? #AlrightsPassion
34/All these and many more are pointers that there could(not) be anything ‘serious’ between you two. Know where you stand! #AlrightsPassion
35/And you can only know all these through discussions and asking questions. Dating is an ideal time for this! An ideal time to DEFINE THAT RELATIONSHIP #AlrightsPassion
36/I feel dating especially should be for those that are ready for marriage. Serious relationship that may lead to marriage#AlrightsPassion
37/DATING should be EXCLUSIVE till you make your decision. No DOUBLE DATING! Ask God questions! Ask Him to lead you! #AlrightsPassion
38/Marriage is serious business! So DATING should not be a time for playing around and toiling with each others’ emotions#AlrightsPassion
39/If things are not working out, you can easily detect and release the other party. Love is not supposed to be blind!#AlrightsPassion
40a/The scenario painted in my earlier tweets could be vice versa.#AlrightsPassion
40b/ It’s not the sole prerogative of the guy to ask questions in relationships. Lady, you can too! Not propose o! Lol!#AlrightsPassion
41/As a guy, you proposed and the lady is not forth coming with a definite answer. But still enjoyed stringing you along for years#AlrightsPassion
42/To all ‘boos’ and ‘baes’ out there, pls define that relationship and find out if you are both on the same page#AlrightsPassion
43/By properly Defining your Relationship, you might just discover on time that you are not even in the same book!#AlrightsPassion
44/If only this had been done in most relationships, the parties involved would have gone their separate ways with their hearts intact #AlrightsPassion
45/Feeling used and dumped is the most painful and horrifying experience ever! It can affect your future relationships adversely #AlrightsPassion
46/Babe, prompting your guy or asking questions as to where your relationship is heading will save you a lot of headache #AlrightsPassion
47/Trust me! This won’t make you ‘cheap’ or ‘needy’ but ‘purposeful’ and ‘discerning’.#AlrightsPassion
48/Especially after you have known each other for quite a while with nothing serious being discussed#AlrightsPassion
49/For more clarification on this topic, I implore you to visit my blog for related posts #AlrightsPassion
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53a/Always remember this, some people are in your life for a reason while some for a season! #AlrightsPassion
53b/It will do you a world of good to know who belongs where #AlrightsPassion
54/And you can only know those that fall into these 2 groups when you DEFINE THAT RELATIONSHIP! #AlrightsPassion
55/I pray heartache and confusion will be far from you even as you pass through the murky waters of relationships #AlrightsPassion
56/Special thanks to @AlrightsPassion for this opportunity. Great initiative. Keep up the good work #AlrightsPassion
57/As you add another year, you will continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge. You will fulfill purpose! @AlrightsPassion
I pray that God will grant you discernment to understand yourself and every relationship you find yourself in!

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