#BeforeYouCastYourVote and #AfterYouCastYourVote

Hello! Hope you have been going through the different sessions in the JANUARY EDITION of #ListenUpNG? If you haven’t, please do by checking out other posts on this blog. You will be glad you did! Interesting #RealLifeIssues has been discussed and the impact phenomenal!

As February 14th approaches, I deem it necessary to feature a Special Edition of #ListenUp tagged “THE ELECTION/VALENTINE EDITION”.

This is going to be a 2 in 1 session with the first session coming up at 6am! You now understand why it’s tagged #BeforeYouCastYourVote. Lol!

The second session will come up at 6pm! By this time, our ‘free and fair’ election would have taken place. This session is tagged #AfterYouCastYourVote.
The topic to be discussed during the first session is – POLITICS? I WILL RATHER SIT ON THE FENCE!

Our special guest is Yinka Ogunnubi. He will be sharing his thoughts on why it’s imperative to partake in our nation’s forthcoming election. He is so passionate about our nation, Nigeria and desires “positive change” and her “forward movement” amongst other nations of the world! You can’t afford to miss this!

In the second session, we will be discussing – WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT VALENTINE? And our ‘Valentine’ guest is Tunde Adisa, a relationship coach and a pastor.

Oh yea! It’s election day…but it’s also VALENTINE! I’m guessing this topic will be someone’s reply to his or her loved ones that faithful day after all the excitement about their various presidential candidates! Lol! Tunde Adisa is going to be sharing his thoughts on this topic.

Do keep your fingers crossed! Prepare to be enlightened, encouraged and motivated! It shall be well with our relationship and our sense of patriotism as a citizen of this great Nation!


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