Are you a woman or a man born of a woman?

Hi everyone! How are we doing? Great I hope? It is well! In all we do wisdom is profitable to direct! A nigerian adage says, ‘A hunter who has only one arrow does not shoot with careless aim.’ Let our aim be accurate this month!

Someone sent me a text that she wasn’t able to get a copy of my first book, SECRET PASSION! Please kindly check out other bookshops listed on my post dated 11th Jan; 2014. The post is titled ‘ Help! Where can I get…’ . Let me have your feedbacks please. This might mean I have to go to the printers soon! *smiling broadly*
However, the other titles (SECRET ANGUISH and THE HORRIBLE SECRET) are still very much available in all these bookshops. I will post the sypnosis and excerpts soon as well. So hurry and grab your copies now! You will be glad you did!

I don’t know if you get a lot of broadcasts(bcs) and re broadcasts(rbcs) on your BBs/androids as I do? *sighing* Most are merely advertising junks *winking* while some are just too beautiful to be discarded! Such is the write-up I am posting today. I hope it blesses you as it did me! Happy reading.

A woman once said
“Beauty attracts men but wisdom keeps them.
Elegance catches men’s attention but intelligence convinces them. 
Nagging irritates men but ‘constructive silence weakens them.
The ‘boy’ in every man pumps out occasionally, the ability to handle this is a woman’s truest maturity. 
Men have secret struggles and silent pains, should you ever find them out, you have exhibited the greatest maturity.
In the long-run your ‘words’ matters more to a man than your ‘looks’, so invest the right words. 
Earn a man’s respect and he will consider you the yard stick for all his action. 
Learn to mold the moods of your man.
Men will naturally give you their futures if they can recall your maturity in yesterday’s issues… 
Women are everywhere but queens are scarce.
Let the queen in you come alive and he will hold you in high esteem.

Share this with any beautiful woman you know. And also to any man who has a beautiful heart & knows a beautiful woman! I just did for you, my readers, because you all qualify. Lots of hugs and kisses!
Till my next post…live a life that counts! 

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