Accepting your spouse for who he or she is!

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Hope you are finding my posts on this blog motivating, educating, encouraging, empowering and sometimes entertaining? Lol! I really hope so! Because that’s what Me4 Initiatives is all about! It’s all about you, my readers! It’s all about you enjoying and not enduring your relationship! It’s my heart cry that after all has been said and done, we can boldly declare that our relationship is getting better. It might not be as perfect as perfect can be but…it’s no longer what it used to be! 
Have you been touched by any of my posts? Please give me a shout out on twitter @kemi_odutayo or on facebook saying which of the posts touched you most.Today, we will be examining the topic, ‘Accepting Your Spouse’ for who he or she is! Hmmm. Interesting, won’t you say? I am strongly of the opinion that if we as married couples could do this, we will be happier in our relationship.
Let’s start by checking out this quote by St. Francis Xavier. 
“God, grant me the courage to change the things I can change, the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.”
God has not given us control over everything! Most things? Yes! But certainly not over another human being! And If we insist and persist to do this, we are only signing up for frustration! It’s however so sad that most of us have refused to accept this crucial fact especially as it relates to our relationship. One thing we can’t change is the personality of our spouse! When the person you love makes it his or her life’s assignment to change you, there is a message that is being communicated. And that is REJECTION.
When someone will not allow you be yourself, you become unhappy. And if you will not permit your spouse be his or herself, you make them unhappy too and erode their self esteem. An unhappy spouse will definitely make you unhappy too and unhappy couples makes unhappy homes!
Acceptance simply means being comfortable with who your spouse is! As simple as that! Though in reality, it might not be! Lol! I can absolutely confirm that from experience!  It is work! It takes determination! It takes deliberate and conscious effort! But guess what? You can ask God to help you out! In consequent posts, we will be looking (in details) at what you, as a woman has to accept in your husband and what you, as the man has to accept in your wife. Successfully inculcating this into our psyche will ensure that we have a peaceful and loving home.
Be on the look out for my next two posts which will be the concluding parts to this topic!  Do have a great weekend!

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