#HappyMarriedCoupleChallenge 17years this year and still counting… Not that we dont have our own fair share of life challenges but we are happy and God has been faithful. Is it worth it? Yes, it is! ~ Kemi Odutayo

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For the next few weeks, we are going to be discussing #RealLifeIssues in #Relationships as pertaining to Singles

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@BridgetEleshin aka Domestic Goddess is our special guest on today’s session of #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG I’ve had loads of people both married and Singles asked the question, “Is Marriage really worth it?”

Today on #ListenUpNG @BridgetEleshin will be tweeting on the topic ~ MARRIAGE: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING?

#ListenUpNG Join me as I welcome our special guest, a woman of character, competence and expertise in the field of family counselling

@Bridget Eleshin welcome! Over to you! We are ready to #ListenUpNG

1. Today’s topic Marriage; Much ado about nothing? is interesting as indeed I have been asked why the “hype” about marriage. Lol #ListenUpNG

A dear protégé actually said to me that it’s like there is a conspiracy theory about marriage. I asked her why ? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

She said no one tells you the truth of what to expect about marriage.. that you get in & then drama. lol. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @ikei2

I told her thats the beauty of marriage as the “drama” is part of the package as no two marriages are thesame. Lol #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

Marriage is not one size fits all. Its not like those T-shirts or caps you see around that says one size fits all. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

Is marriage worth it with all the challenges associated with it + redefinition of marriage by some ? A big Yes! #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

It is worth it to the creator of marriage and the God that established marriage as the first “relationship institution” #ListenUpNG

God Himself according to biblical account prepared Adam&Eve for the “first marriage”&yes it was a big deal to Him. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

For a lot of people, not understanding marriage&what it entails has made it look like ‘something’ not important #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

For some, the experiences of their parents, relatives, friends has made them question the importance of marriage #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

The truth is marriage is not for everyone because if you dont know the proper use of a thing, abuse is inevitable! #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

If you decide to go into marriage prepared, the excitement will be continous&as you work on your marriage,U wl enjoy d benefits #ListenUpNG

The 1st thing to understand about marriage is to know that d creator of marriage who is God placed it as important #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

The purpose for marriage involves leaving parents to cleave to your spouse. Marriage is Teamwork&its hardwork!lol #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

You will enjoy marriage when you are ready to put in the work in line with the guide of the creator of marriage #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

Boy meets girl story did not start today. .Adam saw Eve&his heart I am sure did the “beat’ He now had a companion #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

They were to live&bring forth their kind.. they had no “bill or inlaw drama” lol but still had their own kind of drama. Lol #ListenUpNG

The drama they faced is still what some of us are facing today in our lives that is making people say is marriage worth it? #ListenUpNG

If you are married, the question to ask yourself is why did I get married & if you are not, why do I want to get married ? #ListenUpNG

These questions will help you know if marriage is important or no and if it’s all hype and no value added. Lol #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

For me, being married has been an interesting journey as I sat down to count the cost of being married before I got into it. #ListenUpNG

Mine was not a case of marry because your mates are marrying. Lol. I married because my purpose was tied to my marriage. #ListenUpNG

While courting, we were hit by the first challenge most couples go through.. Adam & Eve went through it too. Lol #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

Guess what? Yes! you are right.. “communication”.. lol. In marriage it’s 1of the biggest challenges couples face #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

It’s one of the reasons people will say “Marriage; much ado about nothing? Is it worth it? We speak different languages. Lol #ListenUpNG

When we get into d marriage mindset of teamwork.. and work on our communication with our spouse, marriage will be “buriful” lol #ListenUpNG

When we look at ourselves & maximise our strengths while minimising our weaknesses,we will see marriage as worth it &important #ListenUpNG

When couples understand d nature & nurturing of their spouse plus live with each other with understanding, marriage will work #ListenUpNG

When couples understand that marriage is beyond society pressure&understand d real purpose of marriage, God’s way, it will work #ListenUpNG

I tell myself is there is nothing about marriage, there won’t be so much perversion & challenges in the marriage institution. #ListenUpNG

Marriage is good and It’s so good that the first miracle Jesus Christ did was at a wedding feast… not trying to preach!. Lol #ListenUpNG

As I wrap this up..let’s understand that in marriage, you must be a team as together everyone achieves miracles. . #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

Your marriage will be sweet&others will desire to be married when they see you do marriage right like the tongue &teeth. Lol #ListenUpNG

That’s one of my best analogy for marriage.. tongue & teeth. . they fight but need each other to complete the eating process #ListenUpNG

Marriage is honourable,marriage is beautiful but you must b ready to work i.e practicing advance forgiveness.. lol. Let me stop #ListenUpNG

Thanks @KemiOdutayo , I gave it my best shot.. lol.. still so much to talk about the topic Marriage, Much Ado about nothing? .. #ListenUpNG

Marriage is worth it for me as I have some1 to do life with in every way&d best part is d forever sleepover with my spouse. Lol #ListenUpNG

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