2017 #ListenUpNG Wk24: HANG IN THERE!

1. Hello friends! Thank God It’s Friday!
…and so the 2nd half of 2017 begins #ListenUpNG Shout out to all my faithful followers and visitors

2. #ListenUpNG your weekly mentoring event here on twitter wouldn’t be a huge success story today without you! Thank you!

3. To my numerous impactful guests; men and women of character, competence and expertise in their various areas of influence #ListenUpNG THANK YOU!

4. I will be kicking off this July Edition of #ListenUpNG with the topic: HANG IN THERE! Watch out for my other inspiring guests this month

5. #ListenUpNG Getting weak and discouraged or feeling down and out sometimes occur when our expectations aren’t met at a set time

6. #ListenUpNG Can you identify with these feelings right now? Incase you are, I want you to know that it’s ok! You are only being human

7. #ListenUpNG The tragedy is when you actually give up and lose all hope believing nothing and no one will ever change…at least not for better

8. #ListenUpNG I learnt a very crucial lesson recently. The scenario was deeply engraved in my mind. Whenever I remember it, it gives me hope

9. #ListenUpNG I visited my big sister for a couple of days early this week and needed to leave on this faithful morning for the Redemption Camp along Ibadan Expressway

10. #ListenUpNG I left very early around 6am amidst a heavy downpour that reduced the visibility to the barest minimum

11. #ListenUpNG I am myopic…not even a bit. It was very dark. I kept driving into popholes covered with water and bumps that I didn’t see before hand

12. #ListenUpNG Needless to say, navigating the expressway was a harrowing experience for me. I contemplated parking along the roadside to wait for the rain to abate

13. #ListenUpNG It was so dark and lonely that I decided against it. I decided to trudge on following the taillight of the car directly in front of me

14.#ListenUpNG It was so bad that I kept praying under my breath. I finally busted out on the Ibadan Expressway by Motorways and I heaved a sign of relief

15. #ListenUpNG By this time my sense of direction is back though it was still raining cat and dog. The visibility was still very poor

16. #ListenUpNG I started thinking of turning off unto CMD Road to go home and abandon my trip to the Redemption Camp along Ibadan Expressway

17. #ListenUpNG I remember how long I’ve been planning this trip and how it may be difficult for me to get another window of opportunity to make it again

18. #ListenUpNG 1I decided to follow through with my plan. I also resolved to continue with my taillight pursuit of other cars. I reduced my speed to 30km/hr

19. #ListenUpNG Lo and behold, by the time I was 500 km out of Lagos, the sky became clearer. The rain abated. The visibility improved.

20. #ListenUpNG I eventually got to the part of the Expressway that was totally dry with no evidence of a single rain drop!

21. #ListenUpNG I was amazed and in awe. I heard expressly in my mind, “NEVER JUDGE YOUR JOURNEY/DESTINATION BY YOUR PRESENT LOCATION!”

22. #ListenUpNG I could easily have given up and made a detour home. I could have parked by the road side to buy time only to lose time

23. #ListenUpNG But I forged on. I encouraged myself. I decided to HANG IN THERE! You could too, you know?

24. #ListenUpNG Hold on to your dream! Don’t give up! Hang in there!

25. #ListenUpNG Other people may discourage you. Circumstances may prove unfavourable. You may have some doubts. But no matter what…HANG IN THERE!

26.#ListenUpNG The first time I heard, “The score at half time is not necessarily a true indication of how the game will end”, I was inspired.

27. #ListenUpNG And that’s the gospel truth. If you also believe like I do that ‘ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD’, good for you!

28. #ListenUpNG Let the past pass. Dont use it to judge your future. You can start afresh. It’s not over till its over. It’s only half of the year, anyway!

29. #ListenUpNG No matter what date it is…dates are only numbers. You can always start over whenever and however

30. #ListenUpNG The most important thing is to HANG IN THERE! Don’t give up on that relationship. Dont give up on that business. Dont give up on that child!

31. #ListenUpNG Don’t give up! Not just yet! Not ever!

32. #ListenUpNG Seek help. Professional help if need be. Be it from coaches, therapists, counsellors, Doctors, Pastors etc But whatever you do, HANG IN THERE!

33. #ListenUpNG Kechi Okwuchi could have given up but she didn’t. After surviving the Sosoliso plane crash that took the lives of other 107 passengers…

33b. #ListenUpNG She went on to graduate with a First Class degree from University of Thomas Houston, Texas on May 16th, 2015.

33c. #ListenUpNG Not only that, she was inducted into 6 academic honor societies, was the most Outstanding student for her major in Economics

34. #ListenUpNG She could easily have resigned to being a shadow of herself, abandon her dreams and hide herself from the world

34b. #ListenUpNG She suffered third degree burns over 65% of her body and had to undergo several difficult surgeries in order for her to continue living life as normally as possible.

35. #ListenUpNG But she didn’t give up. She hung on! Today she is an inspiration to so many others! She’s still hanging in there!

36. #ListenUpNG Just the other day, i read the caption in my next tweet in the @punchnewspaper…”The Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee…

37…on Thursday awarded Lagos lawyer, Mr. Festus Keyamo, the rank of the Senior Advocate of Nigeria after he was denied eight previous times #ListenUpNG

38. #ListenUpNG What if he had decided to give up? Being denied eight times previously must have been very dissapointing and discouraging

39.#ListenUpNG The fact that you failed at something does not make you a failure. Failure is only an event! Hang in there!

40. #ListenUpNG Are you facing a life threatening situation or diagnosed of terminal disease? Hang in there! Or do kyou know someone who is? Tell them to #HangInThere

41. Shout out to Carl_Ikeme recently diagnosed of ácute leukemia and many others in similar situation #ListenUpNG #StayStrong #HangInThere

42. To the parents and loved ones of the #6LagosBoys, the remaining 221 kidnapped #BringBackOurGirls #ListenUpNG #HangInThere

43. #ListenUpNG Space and time will fail me to mention other notable men and women who against all odds hung in there and achieved their dreams

44. #ListenUpNG Are you a single lady that desires to be married yet no proposal in sight? Hang in there!

45. #ListenUpNG Are you in business and it seems things aren’t working out the way they should? Hang on to your dream! You can always find amother way to make it work

46. #ListenUpNG Are you a guy that can’t seem to meet that special lady you are willing to commit to? Hang in there!

47. #ListenUpNG Waiting on God for the gift of a child? And it seems the years are just passing you by? Hang in there! There is always a way!

48.#ListenUpNG Whatsoever #RealLifeIssue is challenging your faith and staring at you in the face, stare right back at it! Hang in there! Defy the odds!

49. #ListenUpNG Something is about to give! Don’t give up! Renew your relationship with God and let him give you hope and renew your strength

50.#ListenUpNG It’s not over until it’s over! And I don’t mean until 2017 is over. Lol! I mean it can only be over when you are no more!

51.#ListenUpNG And even if you are physically gone to the great beyond, you can continue to HANG IN THERE by the legacy you leave behind

52. #ListenUpNG HANG IN THERE! It may seem precarious right now but in no time, you will gain more balance and stand secure!

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