Hello everyone! Thank God It’s Friday!?? This phrase is kind of personal to me because I (and others out there?) get to #ListenUpNG

On #ListenUpNG You get to engage with a host of men and women of experience, character and competence in their area of influence.

If you are just coming on board, #ListenUpNG is a weekly mentoring event on twitter where we talk/tweet about anything and everything on #Relationships #RealLifeIssues

#ListenUpNG In the month of June, we have been examining our relationship with MONEY…(oh yes, you got that right) from all angles!

#ListenUpNG We’ve been learning how to gain MASTERY and not be in MISERY over our financial management!

#ListenUpNG We’ve been talking/tweeting about FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS and how to have an healthy ‘relationship’ in that crucial area.

Ironically, gross mismanagement of our finances can put quite a strain on our realtime relationships with friends and loved ones. #ListenUpNG

Academic or Professional Intelligence cannot atone for Financial Intelligence.

If you don’t understand the 3 Ms of money
1. Making Money
2. Managing Money
3. Multiplying Money

Then you’re financially illiterate. The essence of the July Edition of #ListenUpNG is to know how money works and how to leverage on it.

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Join me as we round up this JUNE EDITION on #ListenUpNG with our very special guest and a dear brother, the financial guru himself, @yinkanubi

#ListenUpNG @yinkanubi is amongst other things?, is the author of the popular books on finance, HONEY, IS IT IN THE BUDGET? and 50 PERSONAL FINANCIAL NUGGETS (ebook).

#ListenUpNG You can get to know more about @Yinka nub by visiting his official website www.yinkaogunnubi.com

Once again, thanks for honouring my invite. Over to you @Yinkanubi We are ready to #ListenUpNG

1. Today, I will be taking some nuggets from my ebook. 50 Personal Finance Nuggets and Tips. If u are to download it, please do. #ListenUpNG

2. I will be taking one nugget from each section of the ebook. You can download the book here https://t.co/kCcG5iCFj1 #ListenUPNG


4. The general tendency of some is to believe that the more complicated an investment is, then the more attractive it will be. #ListenUPNG

5. Wrong! The main point here is that it is important to have a clear understanding of an investment product before u invest it. #ListenUPNG

6. Ensure you read up on the investment and on every material given to you before making a decision of to invest. #ListenUPNG

7. Many do not know that the important elements of an offering is not necessarily the returns, but the Terms and Conditions. #ListenUpNG


9. The point is, don’t be afraid to admit you do not know. It is better to ask a stupid question that to make a stupid mistake. #ListenUpNG

10. It is foolish to go along with an investment just because you do not want to look stupid. If you don’t know, just ASK. #ListenUpNG

11. CARPENTERS DON’T FLY PLANES. #ListenUpNG https://t.co/RQBHJQ6lrx

12. It’s funny that when we feel sick, we go to the doctors, and when we need legal help we go to a lawyer for legal counsel. #ListenUpNG

13. But when we need financial advice, we approach friends who have no idea as against experts in financial advisory services. #ListenUpNG

14. These Experts can help analyses ur investment & offer expert advice on the best options available to u on a host of options. #ListenUpNG

15. Like doctors, Financial Advisory service providers are not free and u should seriously consider paying them for their time. #ListenUpNG

16. YES, NUDES MATTER. #ListenUpNG https://t.co/bwMlMhUTNc

17. I had a very interesting experience recently. I went in for my annual health check and was assigned a young female doctor. #ListenUpNG

18. Everything was going well until it came to the Prostrate Test. She told me to remove my clothes. I did. Up to my boxers. ? #ListenUpNG

19. She looked at me with a smile and said ‘Oh and that too’. To be sure, I asked ‘The Boxers?’ She replied ‘Yes’. I went ? ? #ListenUpNG

20. The long & short, I was butt naked before this pretty Doc who went ahead to perform the prostrate test from “you know where” #ListenUpNG

21. The point I’m trying to make is this. I didn’t hesitate to practice FULL DISCLOSURE because it was in my interest to do so. #ListenUpNG

22. If you are going to succeed in your personal finances as a married person, you’ve got to learn to practice full disclosure. #ListenUpNG

23. Isn’t it amazing that we’ve no problem in full disclosure with our docs but with those who are sworn by oath to, we zip it? #ListenUpNG

24. HOW DO I INCREASE MY INCOME? #ListenUpNG https://t.co/jcAhYX45G3

25. You increase your income by creating value and exchanging it for cash. Money will always be a means of exchange of value. #ListenUpNG

26. Real money is not cash but value. If you can create value, you have the opportunity to exchange it for cash & create wealth. #ListenUpNG

27. Everyone can create value. It doesn’t hve to be visible. It cld be invisible or intrinsic. Point is Does it solve a problem? #ListenUpNG

28. If it solves a problem for someone, package it in a form that can be exchanged for cash and see your income increase. #ListenUpNG

29. I often say that as an author, my book “Honey, is it in the Budget?” is value which I exchange for cash every time I sell it #ListenUpNG

30. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A JOB, DON’T GET MARRIED. #ListenUpNG https://t.co/AV7hnZtqGC

31. After 15 years of marriage, I can confidently tell you this. Love can lead you to marriage but it cannot pay the bills. #ListenUpNG

32. I recall when I was dating my wife. I had a job and an apartment. I was pretty much ready to marry but my wife was not. #ListenUpNG

33. My father inlaw insisted she must finish Law Sch/NYSC be4 marriage. He didn’t stop there. He insisted she get a job as well. #ListenUpNG

34. Looking back, I realised I was blessed 2ve such a father in-law. When my finances were challenged, Wifey was there to help. #ListenUpNG

35. Even if you don’t have a job, make sure you are doing something productive as a man or woman to earn money before marriage. #ListenUpNG

36. Marriage is not an opportunity to spread poverty. #ListenUpNG

37. Understand that Children are involved. Saying you wished you had a job will not provide food on the table and accommodation. #ListenUpNG

38. Like Gwen Guthrie said in her 1986 hit song “You’ve got to have a JOB if you want to be with me”. This applies to both sexes #ListenUpNG

39. Thank you very much @KemiOdutayo for hosting me yet again. I wish every one a wonderful year of financial wellness. #ListenUpNG

40. The End. #ListenUpNG

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