2017 #ListenUpNG Wk22: MAKING ENDS MEET

Hello friends! TGIF! ?? Welcome to yet another exciting and inspiring session on #ListenUpNG today!

#InCaseYouMissedIt Last session on #ListenUpNG with @tosinpraisefowowe was so enlightening. Click link to read the compilation http://wp.me/p6tkXz-GP


Our special guest today on #ListenUpNG is Tade Esan, popularly known as Tade Cash. He is foremost wealth creator philosopher and business inventor.

#ListenUpNG @Tadecash is the co inventor of 5 profitable businesses in Nigeria, SA and Canada.

#ListenUpNG @Tadecash believes that prosperity is not a secret but a system and that everyone can master the prosperity Habit.

#ListenUpNG @Tadecash is the founder Africa #1 entrepreneurial incubation and invention lab popularly known as #TheArtistDom.

#ListenUpNG @Tadecash coaches business owner on creating more profit and making other team members rich.

His response, “We can live more on less while we expand our means.” to my invite was so profound

‎He is the author of the coming soon book, ‘The Cashflow Mentaltiy’. He coaches business owner on creating more profit and making other team members rich.

#ListenUpNG This Financial Coach with extraordinary insights about money and investment will be tweeting on *MAKING ENDS MEET* ????

#ListenUpNG In this season of the so called ‘financial recession’, I bet this is a #RealLifeIssue we should all be interested in. So let’s sit back and sit tight

Thank you very much @KemiOdutayo for inviting me. I found it as a great honor #ListenUpNG

1. Everyone deserves to live well. It is our DNA( Divine Natural Awareness) for us to live well.

1b. It is our DNA ( Divine Natural Awareness) for us to live well #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @LanreAgboola1

2. We are wired for more. There Is something about Money and the meaning of life that we need to grasp #LIstenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

3 .Today we are looking at Making Ends Meet. But I need to make some adjustment to our money Conditioning #LIstenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @nneomaeffanga1

4. The word ‘ Ends Meet ‘ had been in human consciousness since early 16th century and we need to adjust it #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

5. What does that idiom ‘ Ends Meet ‘ really mean? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @nneomaeffanga1 @tosinpraise

6. This is the full phrase ‘ To make Both Ends meet ‘ that is the full phrase for ‘ Ends Meet ‘ #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @tosinpraise

7. ‘ To make Both Ends Meet ‘ has different agenda. 1. It is a break- even’ thinking not ‘ breakthrough living ‘ #ListenUp @KemiOdutayo

8 .One end is the income side and the other end is the expenses column #ListenUp @KemiOdutayo @tosinpraise

9. ‘ to make both Ends Meet ‘ means that you literally work to pay your bills. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @nneomaeffanga1 @tosinpraise

10. One side of the column is income. That is what comes in. For most, it is the salary end of the equation #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

11. The emphasis is first to make both Ends meet ‘ so from the onset, the money is earned to pay the expenses. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

12 . Expenses are the problems of life. That is the other end of the equation #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @tosinpraise

13. We can cut our expenses but we can’t eliminate all expenses. So let look at this side first #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @tosinpraise

14.Realizing that expenses are the problems of life. Most people go for the unwanted problem through their uncontrolled appetite #ListenUpNG

15. Expenses that most people acquired is huge. They are looking Rich but they are going Broke. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

16 . You need to be sincerely with your most important needs and your interesting need. Separate them for national peace #ListenUpNG

17 .Keep tap of your expenses. You can’t eliminate it totally but you can control it and eliminate some #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

18 .What are you acquiring to make people think you rich ? You need to eliminate some of them. Be truthfully to you #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

19 . Address your Expenses and investigate it too. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

20 . That is first side of the equation. Let get to the second side : your income column. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

21 .How does money come into your life? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @tosinpraise @nneomaeffanga1

22.Audit how you make money. Your boss is not destiny to make you Rich. He is there to pay you what you have agreed #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

23. Your salary is not designed to make you Rich but to help you fill your expenses #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @tosinpraise

24. I coach different people even of high income range and I see the same problem : You quickly earn to spend it away. #ListenUpNG

25. Income is another ends of the equation. What skill are you using to earn money now? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @tosinpraise

26. Quite tough, but most people skill of earning money is outdated. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @tosinpraise

27. Figuratively, Ends meet ‘ means to earn and spend equal amount of money. Can you see that struggling is imprinted in our mind #ListenUpNG

28. People focus on what they are going to consume not what they are going to produce. They earn to consume #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

29. If you earn to consume, you will grow fat physically but lean and sick financially #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @psycheinspire

30. Many people earn but they don’t know how to use what they earn to make them RICH. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

31. If u spend all u earn ( no matter the amount) your wealth quotient is low and your struggling quotient is high #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

32. Your earning potential can be changed and it can be increased. How can you reduce your expenses and increase your income? #ListenUpNG

33. Can you Sell? What hidden skill have you developed that you can turn to income producing Asset? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

34. Check your excuses! What are you saying is the reason you are spending more than you are Earning. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

35. Audit your money making ability. If u are more than 35 now, the best skill that can make you Rich is marketing. #ListenupNG @KemiOdutayo

36. Don’t be concerned that you have expenses ; only be concerned that your expenses is more than your income #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

37. If you can help your company to increase sales, you can negotiate your salary increase. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

38. Sales =Income. The economy has a room for people that can make it easy for people to buy #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @nneomaeffanga1

39. Selling is a learnable skill. Call a family meeting and audit the skill you and your wife has. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

40. Don’t be indifference to the needs of people around you. What needs can you arrange to help me at a margin? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

41. Check your Subconscious imprint about money. Do you think you can’t earn more. You can earn more than this #LIstenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

42. Make it a ritual to open an abundance account. 10% of what you earn must go into your prosperity account #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

43. If you earn salary, what you earn is not to make you RICH but you can choose to use it as a catalyst to make you RICH #ListenUpNG

44. Job is work done for salary and salary is there for survival not success financially. #listenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

45. What happens when the end don’t meet? You need to work on yourself not your income #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

46. Some folks need to treat themselves not their economy. You need to change your narrative about money and your own capacity #ListenUpNG

47. Keep a money log. Check how money come in and how it goes out. Do this for one week and you will be amazed what you will see #ListenUpNG

48. Do a skill set audit. How many skills are you using to make money now. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

49. Do money Autobiography Audit. Check out your money history. What you believe about money and Why? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

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Thank you for your time. I’m here to answer few questions #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

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