2017 #ListenUpNG Wk20: HELP! I CAN’T RESIST ‘SALES’!


Hello, friends! #ListenUpNG It’s another beautiful, cool day in the city of Lagos! It’s great to be alive, isn’t it????? TGIF! Welcome! https://t.co/fHyqIYpNkb

Last week’s session on #ListenUpNG , a #Recap by @sam_adeyemi #IncaseYouMissedIt #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on it! https://t.co/GMFcM2MWcX

#ListenUpNG This month, starting from today and every other friday in June, we are going to be discussing the #RealLifeIssues we encounter in the area of our finances & how they ultimately impact on our relationships. Either negatively or positively #ListenUpNG

Our special guest today on #ListenUpNG is Sola Adesakin @sola_adesakin, a Financial Coach Extraordinaire!???????? It’s an honour to have her.

#ListenUpNG Sola; an Author, Speaker&Finance Coach, holds a BSC in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom.

#ListenUpNG She is also a Chartered Professional Accountant ; CPA (Canada). She holds an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School; Scotland.

#ListenUpNG Through her blog & The Smart Stewards Academy, She has helped many people bounce back fro stress to rest & from debt to wealth.

#ListenUpNG The #RealLifeIssue under discussion today is: HELP! I CAN’T RESIST ‘SALES’! Oh yes, you got that right!????

Some of us can’t just resist a sale bargain! ‘A good buy’! #ListenUpNG How do we ensure we don’t spend more than we earn doing this?

How do we deal with this tendency before it deals with us? So friends, #ListenUpNG #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on these tweets by @sola_adesakin

1.It’s a great Friday to be alive. One out of about 4171 (or more) Fridays every person will live to witness. #TGIF #Gratitude #ListenupNG

2.Glad for the opportunity to be sharing about the importance of managing your finances well & overcoming “Sales” temptation #ListenupNG

3. Let’s quickly crack the code called MONEY. Long lasting Money is first of all MADE, MANAGED AND MULTIPLIED #Money #ListenupNG.

4. You can’t spend or even build wealth without “making” money. The starting point for financial liberty is making money. #ListenupNG

5.For the purpose of today’s discussion, we will dwell on the managing money bit. Lack of money management skills is prevalent.#ListenupNG

6. Everyone is either a Saver or a Spender by default. Our Upbringing & Background play a major role in our disposition to money #ListenupNG

7. Let’s take a cue from Farmers, who are trained & wise enough to know that not all of their harvest should be sold or consumed. #ListenupNG

8.Some harvest can be consumed; some sold,but most importantly;some must be re-planted,which is what guarantees another harvest. #ListenupNG

9. Some spend money faster than they earn it. Not having a plan(budget) for Ur money is a major cause of financial difficulties #ListenupNG

10. Poor Money Management is also a why for financial difficulties.What U earn isn’t what makes U wealthy. How U manage it does #ListenupNG

11. A Currency Note in your Wallet is clueless, your decision is what empowers it. You determine where your money goes. #ListenupNG

12. Having said all of these, Keep the end in mind; U cannot work for money indefinitely. What are Ur Life Time Financial goals? #ListenupNG

13. There is a time you are super strong & agile to work for money; there should come a time your money should work for you. #ListenupNG

14. I love this quote by Eminem : “I try to treat all the money I’m making like it’s the last time I’m going to make it”. #ListenupNG

15. “Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life….. #ListenupNG

16. “….WHAT you do, WHEN you do it, WHERE you do it, and with WHOM you do it.” – Timothy Ferris. #Multiplying #Money #ListenupNG

17. Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving – Warren Buffett #ListenupNG.

18. When you save money, money will save you- Japanese Proverb.
Before you splurge on Sales, ensure you splurge on your Savings #ListenupNG

19. Having discussed why it’s necessary to manage money well,
Now, let’s talk about how you can resist those attractive sales. #ListenupNG

20. I absolutely love this quote by @WarrenBuffett
“If you buy things you don’t need, you will soon sell things you need” #ListenupNG

21. You need to always differentiate between your “Need-To-Have” and “Nice-To-Have” before you embark on any purchase. #ListenupNG

22. Your Needs are unending, but the Money in your pocket is finite.
You need to develop a proper plan for your #money per time #ListenupNG

23. When you don’t work with a budget, you end up buying the things you don’t need. Have a plan, stick to it. #budget #ListenupNG

24. It doesn’t mean the “Nice-to-have” are “Bad-to-have” or “Not-to-have”. Your budget may soon be able to accommodate them! #ListenupNG

25. Good things come to those who wait; including the Nice-to-have items! Have them when you can; without ruining your budget! #ListenupNG

26 . 50% off a sale Item is equal to 100% money off your wallet.
The seller is actually the one benefiting from the sales. #ListenupNG

27. Don’t be deceived by the phrase ”Buy today save 50%”.
You actually save the money when you don’t buy the item at all????. #ListenupNG

28. Sometimes, what U need to do is have a set of rules. Know what makes U trip; the Mall, Friends,Items & Avoid them if possible #ListenUpNG

29.The remorse of purchasing what’s not affordable outweighs the regret of not buying something on sale.Opportunities will come. #ListenupNG

30. Don’t consume all your income, ensure you always replant some; by saving and investing! It will keep you in business! #ListenupNG

31. Don’t bother keeping up with the Joneses. ( They are broke).
Don’t stress yourself trying to acquire what is trending. #ListenupNG

32. Trends End, Styles Change, But Being Wealthy Will Never Be Out Of Vogue.
Ask @WarrenBuffett @ @BillGates #Wealth #Money #ListenupNG

33. Avoid borrowing to acquire a depreciable asset that you do not necessarily have a need for #ListenupNG

34. “Buy now, pay later” on items you don’t need is equal to spending money U haven’t earned. It slows down your wealth building #ListenupNG

35. If there’s anything you should aim at increasing, it should be assets that appreciate in value: Stocks,Real Estate, Pension. #ListenupNG

36. Depreciating assets will always leave the limelight (Ask me about The End of Discussion Honda Series). Newer Models come… #ListenupNG

37. …..but assets that appreciate look trendy anytime!
#Realestate #Pensionfunds #investments #wealth #retirementfunds #ListenupNG

38. Your pension funds will look attractive with interest accumulating. Bonds and Treasury bills will look attractive always! #ListenupNG

39. You work too hard to make money, put your money to work too
#save #investment #realestate #stocks #ListenupNG

40. Don’t be taken over by “Possession Obsession”.
A man’s life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions #ListenupNG

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