Triple G

The Triple G Series simply means Great, Gratifying and Godly Literature. It is the print unit of the Me4 Initiatives. All media are based on the real life issues encountered during counselling and are woven into stories that motivate, enlighten, encourage, empower and entertain the readers. We seek to encourage budding authors whose vision and core values are in line with the Me4 Initiatives, by bringing their works to limelight.


#ListenUpNG is a weekly mentoring event on twitter which came live on the social media in January 2015. Men and women of faith, experience and expertise in their area of influence were invited on board to coach and mentor the audience on real life issues we daily encounter in relationships. This mentoring event has also evolved to featured #RandomGist.

Our Time

It's Our Time is a counselling initiative for the secondary/high school students in both public and private sector. This initiative is setup to motivate, encourage and educate them as to real life issues like sex education, career choice and general relationship issues.

This Thing Called Marriage

ThisThingCalledMarriageNG is  a dedicated WhatsApp group for married women only; here the women are presented with a platform where they can unburden in a non judgmental and non threatening atmosphere about their marital challenges. The transformation, acceptance and confidence this platform has brought about to many homes can't be quantified.

Woman To Woman Now

Woman2WomanNow started with sending of bulk SMS to women, both married and singles with the intention to motivate, encourage, empower, enlighten and entertain women. This initiative has since evolved to a means of empowering women in their various endeavors; promoting the need for Women to Women support via online and offline platforms.

Hurting Hearts

Hurting Hearts is also another Me4 Initiative across all my social media platforms. It involves encouraging and motivating people experiencing hurt or grief in one area or the other of their life.


#DearBooNG is another Me4 Initiative. It is delivered online via tweets targeted at single men seeking serious relationships with the opposite sex. It is setup to provide wise counsels for young men to uphold before and during their relationship. It also provides an avenue for them to mingle with matured singles in a dedicated WhatsApp group.


#DearBaeNG is another Me4 Initiative. It is also delivered online via tweets targeting single ladies with the aim of motivating them to be a better version of themselves. They also have a WhatsApp group where they are also encouraged, enlightened and equipped to make  wise decisions to ensure they have healthy relationships with the opposite sex.
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‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger and an author. Kemi has a passion to ensure that the purpose of God is realized in our lives; especially in the area of relationships. She is happily married for almost two decades to ‘Kayode Odutayo, an associate pastor in their home church. They are blessed with three lovely children, Oluwajomiloju, Oluwamayomikun and Oluwateniola.
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The 176-page thriller written by Kemi Odutayo and the first in the Me4 Communication Triple G Series lucidly unwinds the challenges matured singles face before marriage. It serves as a guide for matured singles to make the right choice in marriage. It urges this class of singles to put their trust on God, irrespective of their age, because with God no time is late.



OMIKO AWA / Secret Passion

Hello, I just finished reading one of your novels; Secret Anguish. God! Good work! Keep it up. Nice story! Believe me, it teaches a lot about home and also helps people in relationships.




I’ve read both books Secret Passion and Secret Anguish by Kemi Odutayo. I greatly appreciate the story lines and the Christian values and teachings. Keep up the good work and God bless you.




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#ListenUpNG #RandomGist 4: THE ROYAL COUPLE

Hello! Hope you’ve read up on the last session of #RandomGist? If not, kindly check out my TL on twitter @KemiOdutayo or my last blogpost. #ListenUpNG It was all about […]


Hello folks! This is another #RandomGist on #ListenUpNG your weekly mentoring event on twitter! #Incaseyoumissedit Last week session on #ListenUpNG was awesome. Our topic of discussion was targetted at the […]


1. INSTAGRAM BIO PACKAGE ~ Developing a magnetic bio on INSTAGRAM that is sure to make you stand out from the pack! Features include: * Setting up a powerful profile […]

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"Kemi Odutayo wears many caps. She is the Lead Counsellor at Me4 Counselling Services and the Chief Operating Officer at Me4 Communications, a media outfit. She's an author, blogger, a trained counsellor, social media manager and strategist. She has a strong passion for relationships and the use of social media for social good. These passions were wholeheartedly being expressed through her Me4 Initiatives, Me4 Communicstions and Me4 Counselling Services."
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