1. Good evening everyone. It’s a pleasure being with you this evening. Thanks to @KemiOdutayo for hosting me on this platform #ListenupNG

2. I find this topic rather interesting, not because it is my area of forte but cos it is ironic. #ListenupNG https://t.co/keGNSWvrIz

3. Let’s start by defining basic concepts about the human mind #ListenupNG https://t.co/0bCqHWAp6S

4 If I ask you to tell me where your mind is, I bet you will point to your head, which is where your brain is #ListenupNG

5. The mind is typically defined as the organized totality or system of all mental processes or psychic activities of an individual #ListenupNG

7. This makes it clear that the brain and the mind are two different entities. #ListenupNG

8. Attempts to understand the mind goes back to ancient Greece &a lot of us are still very much interested in how the mind works #ListenupNG

9. You might wonder why? Here is it: YOU CANNOT OUTPERFORM THE QUALITY OF YOUR MIND #ListenupNG

10. So to make this a bit simple to understand, you need to know that the mind is divided basically into two. #ListenupNG

11. First of the conscious mind and second is the unconscious or unconscious mind. Some believe the 3rd is the preconscious mind #ListenupNG

12. What is the conscious mind? This can be likened to the RAM in your computer. It serves as short term memory #ListenupNG

13. The conscious mind helps you in mental processes, learning, coordination and so on but less powerful as it soon forget #ListenupNG

14. The unconscious mind on the other hand never forgets. It is likened to the ROM in your PC which stores long term memory. #ListenupNG

14. This practically means that it is not what you’re conscious about that determines the quality of your life #ListenupNG

15. Do you ever find yourself believing in something and find yourself doing the exact opposite? That’s the power it wields #ListenupNG

16. The mind can be likened to an iceberg. U see the surface(conscious mind), but it’s magnitude is submerged(unconscious mind) #ListenupNG

17. It’s the magnitude submerged that turns a ship over. This is exactly how our lives turn out. Let me explain #ListenupNG

18. Our conscious mind dwells on head knowledge. What we know, the ideal, the socially acceptable, norms and so on #ListenupNG

18. But in our subconscious lies d real us. You know why? Cos it’s like a sponge that had taken in all of our life experiences #ListenupNG

19. Another interesting thing is that the unconscious mind never sleeps neither can it distinguish real events from false #ListenupNG

20. So to if u would like to take control of your life, then u can join me on this journey of understanding ur unconscious mind #ListenupNG

21. The term mind is from the Old English gerund or memory. Meaning that the mind was activated before birth. #ListenupNG

22. Sow junk into this memory( your mind) , reap a junk full life. Sow qualitative memory, reap a productive life #ListenupNG

22. I’m sure sure your next question will be, how do I ensure I save the right stuff into my unconscious mind? #ListenupNG

23. You see, the mind is guarded by what we call “gate keepers”. They are also called organs of perception #ListenupNG

24. They are the 5 senses : The eyes, nose, tongue, skin, and ears. They are f major means of information transport to ur mind #ListenupNG

25. What determines if any information is acceptable into you life, is if your subconscious perceives it as a threat or not. #ListenupNG

26. Remember I mentioned at the beginning that the topic was ironic, well here is what I mean… Conscious information #ListenupNG

27. Your unconscious mind will only take on any information it gets without your conscious involvement #ListenupNG

28 This is because your conscious involvement will require a lot of scrutiny from your gate keepers (senses of perception) #ListenupNG

29. When you go through a traumatic event and try to forget it, guess where it goes? Definitely to the subconscious! #ListenupN

30. So when you continue to try to forget (repress) painful events without dealing with it, you will attain a certain threshold #ListenupNG

31. Threshold means that there is a only a limit of traumatic events your subconscious can store till it gives way. #ListenupNG

32. You then go through what we call emotional crisis. This is your subconscious saying to you “no more”!!!!!! #ListenupNG

38. Start this positive events as a conscious activity and you will be amazed at how it eventually becomes an unconscious one #ListenupNG

39. There will be resistance initially, and but if you do not relent, you will be amazed at how significant this becomes for u #ListenupNG

40. So start by asking yourself, how many perspectives are there to this issue/ event,/behavior and so on #ListenupNG

41. The more frequently you do this, the better your general outlook. Remember that the mind simply means memories #ListenupNG

42. Create amazing memories and you will be amazed at the qualitative life experiences that you have. It always begins with you #ListenupNG

43. A lot of times we blame others for our outcomes buy the reverse is the case. Train your mind to see positivity ONLY. #ListenupNG

44. Don’t forget that the person you turned out to become was learned, same goes for unlearning the undesirable #ListenupNG

45. Simply wishing u end up a certain way will make any difference. CHOOSE to be conscious or deliberate about how u see things #ListenupNG

46. It is only when you get tired of being where you are, that your subconscious mind begins to seek for answers #ListenupNG

47. Your mind goes into panic if it’s not able to find answers and then a breakdown becomes eminent. #ListenupNG

48. Choose to become deliberate today and you will be amazed at how beautifully your year will end #ListenupNG

49. I will look forward to hearing from you and entertaining your questions. My email address is priscaolaoye@gmail.com #ListenupNG

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