#ListenUpNG Wk32: BACK TO SCHOOL ~ A Thing Of Joy Or Dismay?

#ListenUpNG Welcome to the September Edition on #ListenUpNG This is wishing you all a HAPPY NEW MONTH! Thanks for making August awesome!

#ListenUpNG This month, our focus of discussion will be on our Educational System and the relationship between stakeholders

#ListenUpNG I will be kicking off this month’s Edition tagged the #BackToSchool Series. Other invited guests will be joining me too

#ListenUpNG September! A month synonymous to the end of summer vacation and ‘back to school’ preparation

#ListenUpNG During the several weeks of vacation, the joy of having the kids back home was obvious in many homes

#ListenUpNG Social Media was agog with several posts and pictures of parents enjoying the holidays with their kids…

#ListenUpNG …especially if those kids are from boarding houses and colleges around the globe.

#ListenUpNG Few weeks into the vacation, several posts and pictures depicting the children’s boredom and the parents exasperation surfaced😆

#ListenUpNG The euphoria of being home & having them around was wearing off. The kids missed their friends and the parents missed their ‘freedom’

#ListenUpNG The kids can’t wait to get back to school, probably to relay all their summer adventures to their friends and…

#ListenUpNG ..the parents can’t wait to send them back so that their lives can go back to ‘normal’. 😆

#ListenUpNG The ‘head butting’ with the kids especially the teenagers is emotionally draining

#ListenUpNG Now, its time to prepare to get them ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ and reality is fast dawning on us all

#ListenUpNG The school fees have skyrocketed. Most parents are contemplating changing their kids’ school

#ListenUpNG Unfortunately, ours is not a society that places priority on planning. Most people forget that failing to plan is planning to fail

#ListenUpNG Unlike in the developed countries where they have Trust Fund, Tuition Funds, Scholarships…

#ListenUpNG Vacation or Part time jobs to see you through college. Anything legitimate to aid in payment of your tuition

#ListenUpNG Provisions like these are quite uncommon even ‘strange’ in our own climes except in some few homes

#ListenUpNG In this side of the world, even able bodied graduates find it difficult to get or hold down a job

#ListenUpNG Here, in this climes, despite having advanced knowledge that school fees have to paid before resumption, some parents/guardians have no reservations splurging on festivities & vacation.

#ListenUpNG They will rather choose to trust God for Divine provision when it’s time to fulfil their financial obligations

#ListenUpNG Don’t get me wrong. I believe in Divine provision and I have been a recipient on several occasions

But trusting God for what is within our mental and physical capacity is the height of irresponsibility/error. #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG God is not a magician. Yes, he’s a miracle worker but you don’t need a miracle for what you can plan for.

#ListenUpNG Miracles are entirely God’s prerogative! You can’t force His hand. You can’t cajole Him with fasting and prayer too!

#ListenUpNG Working and planning towards our financial goals is the antidote for frustration and despair. Be rest assured that God will bless your labour

#ListenUpNG On the other hand, the school management is waiting. They have vouched not to allow history to repeat itself.

#ListenUpNG Some schools still have records of outstanding tuition from last session owned by some parents

#ListenUpNG According to the school owners, cost of administration is one of the significant reasons for the hike in school fees

#ListenUpNG Being a new session, new books and school kits have to be bought for each child apart from the tuition & other expenses

#ListenUpNG Considering the economic situation, lets talk about what to do as parents/guardians and school owners #BackToSchool

#ListenUpNG Utmost consideration for each other is imperative to douse tension that is sure to arise at this season

#ListenUpNG As parents, you need to sit down and count the cost. See if their is any optional cost that can be boycotted for this term

#ListenUpNG Check with the school, if possible speak to the subject teachers to know which of the recommended books are absolutely necessary to buy

#ListenUpNG There are some ‘nice to haves’ on the bills which are optional. And if they are not, take note and be ready to negotiate with the school authority

#ListenUpNG Be sure to make the ‘must haves’ a priority while boycotting. This is not a time to be rude & qurrelsome with the school management but its a time of negotiation

#ListenUpNG You can also negotiate to pay instalmentally. Trust me, if you have a good record with the school, they will be glad to oblige

#ListenUpNG If all these fail and you don’t think you can meet up with your children’s tuition by any means, please consider the next option

#ListenUpNG The next option is to change your children’s school to a more affordable one relative to your present income to avoid unnecessary embarrassment

#ListenUpNG While the best option is to always have a Tuition Fund for your children to take care of these periods. Yea, we know it’s tough out there.

But if you desire to give your child or ward a QUALITATIVE EDUCATION. You’ve got to plan for it!

#ListenUpNG Most banks have products that can be of help. Insurance policies too. Seek relevant schorlaships as well. Explore all your options

#ListenUpNG To the school owners, oh yea, you need money to run your school. We know. But you need to have a mindset of People Over Profit.

#ListenUpNG You have to be sensitive to the plight of the parents especially the faithful ones in past years

#ListenUpNG I will like to believe being an Educator is a passion, an higher calling, not just a paycheck or your own version of MMM(Money Making Machine)

#ListenUpNG Do not be so rigid not to consider giving concession to some note-worthy parents. Be rest assured that you are equally impacting their kids positively

#ListenUpNG Be ready to listen to each parent that deem it fit to seek audience with you. Be ready to do your best to be of assistance.

#ListenUpNG Train your staff to offer top notch #CustomerService & treat parents with respect irrespective of their present situation. Deal with the issue and not the person

#ListenUpNG The tide may change at any moment and I can assure you that your kindness and consideration in their time of need will not be forgotten

#ListenUpNG This will definitely have far reaching effect on your school in the near future in terms of new intakes from refferals (grateful parents).

#ListenUpNG Thank you for staying tuned and watch out for other Educators coming up as our special guests in this Edition.

#ListenUpNG I will like to hear from you. Tweet at me @KemiOdutayo your opinions. Join the conversation. What are the unique challenges of #Back To School you are privy to?

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