1. Hello everyone! Welcome to another inspiring and motivating session on #ListenUpNG

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3. #ListenUpNG The buzz in the air is the exit of @BarackObama and his family from the white house as the new president is sworn in

4. #ListenUpNG
On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama defeated Republican presidential nominee John McCain, 52.9 percent to 45.7 percent,

5…to win election as the 44th president of the United States—and the first African-American to hold this office #ListenUpNG

6. #ListenUpNG Yes, he won! But do you know that 173 of the total 538 electoral voters in 2008 said NO to him being president?

7. #ListenUpNG Are you also aware that 59, 948, 323 of the total voters in that year also said NO to having @BarackObama as their president?

8. #ListenUpNG Yet, @BarackObama won! He became the 1st Black man to become the 44th President of the United States of America

9. #ListenUpNG @BarackObama not only became president, he was reelected into office at the end of his 1st term and…

10… thereby joined the league of US Presidents that served two terms! #ListenUpNG

11. #ListenUpNG This is a man, Kenyan @BarackObama that grew up not really knowing his father. A blackman in a supposed white country.

12. #ListenUpNG @BarackObama has every reason to live an average life. He could have used the excuse of his background 2give up his dreams

13. #ListenUpNG He has every reason to buckle under the numerous ‘No’ and rejection he must have encountered in his life journey

14. #ListenUpNG But he didn’t! Rather he used his challenges to fuel his desire and passion to make a difference.

15. #ListenUpNG His @BarackObama book ‘The Audacity of Hope’ says it all!

16. #ListenUpNG Getting a ‘No’ for an answer can also be termed as REJECTION!

17. #ListenUpNG While growing up, you may have been told ‘NO!’ severally that your uncouscious mind had filed it for future reference

18. #ListenUpNG Your mind had come to register the word NO as being painful and so, try to shield you from any situation/person that may elicit this dreaded 2 letter word

19. #ListenUpNG Ironically, “…Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and all of you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

20. #ListenUpNG For you to make headway in life, you need to ask for something, knock on some doors or go out in search of what you want!

21. #ListenUpNG Doing this, in pursuit of your dreams and purpose leaves you open to rejection and hearing a NO!

22. #ListenUpNG And guess what? There is absolutely no guaranty you will get a ‘YES’ all the time and from every quarter

23. #ListenUpNG What do you do when you get a NO? Turn tail and run? Abandon your ideas? Become depressed? Give excuses?

24. #ListenUpNG Whatever you do or you are used to doing, you’ve got to learn how to cope with hearing a NO over and over again!

25. #ListenUpNG You’ve got to learn not to let hearing a NO stop you in your track. Getting a NO is an opportunity for reevaluation and restrategising

26. #ListenUpNG Rejections and hearing a NO are inevitable in life! At one point or the other, we all experience it!

27. #ListenUpNG Some of the biggest obstacles will be from within you: self-doubt, insecurity, procrastination, and worry. But you can overcome them ~ Mensa Otabil

28. #ListenUpNG Oftentimes, the fear, self doubt and panic attack that accompany your having to make a request or demand is irrational. Sometimes baseless.

29. #ListenUpNG You’ve got to conquer FEAR. False Evidences Appearing Real. That’s just what it is!

30. Last week on #ListenUpNG, I shared on how you need to reach beyond your limits which is only possible by training your mind!

31. #ListenUpNG Trust me, in the bid of reaching beyond your limits, you are sure to encounter NO more often than not! You’ve got to train your mind to process it

32. #ListenUpNG To overcome the fear of rejection, Jia Jiang came across a therapist that says the best way to overcome rejection is to desensitise yourself

33. #ListenUpNG Desensitising yourself involves your going out of your way to deliberately make requests that are sure to get you the NO response

34. #ListenUpNG Hearing NO over and over again is sure to do the trick! You become numb to the dreaded 2 letter word as you rationalise it

35. #ListenUpNG Have you come to believe every ‘No’ is a ‘REJECTION’ of you as a person? Oh no! This is not entirely true!

36. #ListenUpNG It may only be in response to your requests and your proposals. It may just be you are ahead of your time in the quality of your ideas

37. #ListenUpNG You’ve got to belief that different ideas are for different seasons

38. #ListenUpNG On his TedEx talk, Jiag went on a 100day rejection plan and was met with pleasant surprises. https://youtu.be/iwl-Pe0FbSg

39. #ListenUpNG I dare say to cope with getting No as answers, you will need to develop your self confidence.

39b. #ListenUpNG To develop CONFIDENCE, you may want to start with developing COMPETENCE, CHARACTER and COURAGE!

40. #ListenUpNG You’ve got to bring out your LION ATTITUDE! You’ve got to believe in yourself, your ideas and dreams!

41. #ListenUpNG Everyone has got a LION in him or her! A lion symbolises COURAGE, STRENGTH and LEADERSHIP.

42. #ListenUpNG DON’T BE A SHEEP IN YOUR ATTITUDE! A sheep is uncertain in its ways and tends to drift here and there. Be focused!

43. #ListenUpNG You’ve got to believe that getting a no isn’t personal; it’s not an attack on your person.

44. #ListenUpNG And if you feel it’s an attack on your person, know the giver is acting based on the information available to him/her per time

45. #ListenUpNG A ‘NO’ from anyone doesn’t define who or what you are. It’s a response based principally on the other person’s opinion.

46. #ListenUpNG You can also cope with rejection or getting a NO by being persistence! You will be amazed at the results in some cases

47. #ListenUpNG In psychology, persistence is a great tool that if properly employed, will yield unbelievable results

48. #ListenUpNG There is joy in trying than in not trying at all. Don’t let that NO stop you! Embrace your challenges and push through them

49. #ListenUpNG You are a warrior! You are stronger than your past or whatever challenges awaits in your future

50. #ListenUpNG Learn to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Learn you use those NO to bring out the best in you!

51…’unfortunately’, ‘we regret to inform you’, ‘we are sorry to tell you’…These phrases can be devastating! #ListenUpNG

52. #ListenUpNG You’ve got to change the meanings of these phrases to empower yourself.

53. #ListenUpNG That they don’t believe in you, your ideas or dreams or the fact that yours don’t coincide with theirs doesn’t negate yours!

54. #ListenUpNG @BarackObama published an autobiography, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, in 1995.

55. #ListenUpNG The work received high praise from literary figures such as Toni Morrison and has since been printed in more than 25 languages, including Chinese, Swedish and Hebrew.

56. #ListenUpNG The book had a second printing in 2004 and was adapted for a children’s version.

57. #ListenUpNG The audiobook version of Dreams, narrated by Obama, received a Grammy Award for best spoken word album in 2006.”

58. #ListenUpNG That’s a man that dared to believe in himself, his ideas and dreams despite the rejection and numerous NO

59. #ListenUpNG I will end on this note. NO makes you grow! Don’t give up! Believe in your dreams! If God says Yes, why bother about a man’s NO?

60. Till I come your way, next week Friday, stay blessed. Do read up and share links to other #ListenUpNG sessions on my blog www.kemiodutayom.com/blog

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