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This month of June, we have been discussing #RealLifeIssues relating to men! Today’s session with @OAAdebayo wraps it up

#ListenUpNG Our guest today is ‘Day Adebayo @OAAdebayo is a lawyer and Principal Partner of ADEBAYO & ADEBAYO. (Legal Precritioners).

#ListenUpNG @OAAdebayo is apassionate husband and father to 3 adults and a preteenager. He is an advocate and coach of good parenting

#ListenUpNG @OAAdebayo is the Dean of the School of Parenting of Daystar Christian Centre.

He and his lovely wife are mentors to many, especially young and intending couples.

You can read more about our guest @OAAdebayo on https://t.co/TkHjVGs6Gd me to welcome this man of character & experience! Over to you, sir!

1. Thank you@ Kemi Odutayo for inviting me to share my few thoughts on the topic. #ListenUpNG.

2. A mentor has been described as a wise and trusted guide and counsellor @ Advanced
English dictionary. #ListenUpNG.

3. Man was not created for isolation but for association.#ListenUpNG

4. One of the most important and beneficial association that man will ever keep is with a mentor.#ListenUpNG.

5. God was the first mentor of man@Adam until sin severed the relationship in the garden of Eden. #ListenUpNG.

6. And God’s call to man ever since is “Where are you?” but instead of man owning up and be accountable for his actions, he is full of excuses and retreating from

7. There is no man who is all sufficient, all knowledgeable and all knowing; who does not need wise counsel and guidance from time to time. #ListenUpNG.

8. Pride is a major impediment for men to submit to mentor ship. There is so much identity-crisis amongst our men today. #ListenUpNG.

9. Every generation must be an improvement on the previous. Life becomes cheap if there is someone to show another the way. #ListenUpNG.

10. There is so little a generation can achieve if it re-invents it’s own wheel.

11. It is better to have a head start in Life than to start from the scratch. #ListenUpNG.

12. We stand taller and see farther if we stand on the shoulders of people who have thread the path before us successfully.#ListenUpNG.

13. The average man has a twisted concept of leadership because he has a twisted concept
of accountability.#ListenUpNG

14. The tragedy of our nation today is that we have men who are unaccountable in the home, faith, government and community #ListenUpNG.

15. Men who like Cain refuse to be their brother’s keeper and who will plunder the national treasury and commonwealth of the nation.#ListenUpNG.

16. Men who will not respect women and commit offense against God and man with impunity #listenUpNG.

17. Men who could be likened to: ships without rudder, race cars without brakes; who have power without control.#ListenUpNG.

18. If a man refuses to be accountable and responsible, then a fall is inevitable. #ListenUpNG.

19. We cannot give what we do not have.#ListenUpNG.

20. If we must have responsible men, we need to raise responsible boys.#ListenUpNG.

21. The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is now – Chinese proverb. #ListenUpNG.

22. Mentoring should begin from the home. We must be deliberate how we raise our

22. Children learn more from what they see than what they hear.#ListenUpNG.

23. Most men struggle with accountability because they were raised by fathers who
themselves were unaccountable.#ListenUpNG.

24. Isaac learnt accountability to God from Abraham; his father, and so it was not a struggle
to yield himself to be used as a sacrifice to God. #ListenUpNG.

25. We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare them for the future – Franklin D. Roosevelt.#ListenUpNG.

26. It is easier to prepare men than to repair them.#ListenUpNG.

27. Children must see their fathers accountable to God, to their families and the

28. We must not present to our children, a father who cannot be vulnerable. We must teach them, that we also have our low moments.#ListenUpNG.

29. We must create the bond that makes our children to trust us; open up to us and rely on our judgment.#ListenUpNG.

30. A father should be the first and best mentor after God that a son should

31. A man needs accountability partners, who he can trust and open up to.#ListenUpNG.

32. When a lion wants to get a sheep, it first isolates it from its flock before going for the
kill. #ListenUpNG.

33. Men need mentors who will show them the way and guide them through their
vulnerable moments in life.#ListenUpNG.

34. Mentors who will not mince words in rebuking their protégés and correcting them in

35. Sin thrives in secrecy. There is a man near you; a helper of destiny, who God has prepared to be your mentor.#ListenUpNG.

36. One can get a mentor in business, family life, ministry and as the need

37. Your mentor is not your ATM; so don’t make monetary benefits the reason for having a

38. One can also belong to an accountability group of two or three other men; who one can
open up to and receive godly counsel.#ListenUpNG.

39. Pray and be led to a choice of a mentor and/or an accountability group.#ListenUpNG.

40. I will also encourage men to be open to their wives in all areas including: family finance, challenges at work and attraction, if any, for the opposite sex.#ListenUpNG.

41. A challenge shared is half solved.#ListenUpNG.

42. If we fail be accountable while alive, we will definitely give account of our lives one day before God.#ListenUpNG.

43. The first is voluntary is redeemable; while the second is involuntary and

44. Do not let the circle of mentoring end with you, look out for younger people you can also mentor and guide on the way up #ListenUpNG.

45. There is a man somewhere, who needs to hear and learn how God has helped you attain
your present height.#ListenUpNG.

46. A candle loses nothing by lighting another.#ListenUpNG.

47. It is our responsibility to raise the next generation of leaders. #ListenUpNG

48. We need to raise men of character and integrity; who will change the face of the world for good. #ListenUpNG.

49. Success is never complete without a successor.#ListenUpNG

50. Paul encouraged Timothy to pass on what he learnt from him to reliable leaders who will in in turn pass it on to the next generation.#ListenUpNG

52. Thank you for sharing your time with me.#ListenUpNG

Powerful tweets from @OAAdebayo Some home truths for our men! #ListenUpNG Accountability is a vice. Thank you so much for coming on board!

On this note we wrap up the June Edition on #ListenUpNG Like someone said, the June Edition of #ListenUpNG was a ‘hit back to back’????????Our July Edition is going to be more so!

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