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Get Ready to learn, unlearn and relearn what you think you know about love and marriage! This post might seem lengthy but I tell you, it’s a MUST READ. We all have more at stake!
Good evening tweeps! First I want to thank @Kemi_odutayo, for giving me d opportunity to be part of d great work she is doing #ListenUp.
I was asking myself, why this topic; How to love when you feel like leaving?  @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp.
I wl b addressing today those dt are married. This is not for those living together, playing “house” as boyfriend/girlfriend! #ListenUp.
I don’t want 1 girl “shacking” up with her boyfriend saying they told us here to love & not leave! Lol! Pls run&let bro go do right thing! #ListenUp.
Yes o! 2day’s session on #ListenUp is basically targeting the married. Singles can however learn 2apply when married https://t.co/ObuIexmOKB
I also want to state here, that I will talk from d view point of a Christian who believes dt God is love & marriage is His idea. #ListenUp.
The truth is marriage is “hard work” nobody tells you the hard work part, not even the movies! Lol. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
@BridgetElesin  Nay, they didn’t! The ‘…and they live happily ever after’ is what we know #ListenUp https://t.co/XlcmqgSCnL
Marriage may start wt love, but you need more than love 2 stay married! U need to be “intentional” 2 stay married. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp.
Love by man’s definition is selfish, and so the feeling to leave when “love” is shaky can be overwhelming!  @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
Some of d factors dt can make married pple to leave instead of keeping to their vows & loving are Abandonment, Abuse & Affairs. #ListenUp.
Some of d factors dt can make married pple to leave instead of keeping to their vows & loving are Abandonment, Abuse & Affairs. #ListenUp.
Abandonment can b classified under many headings;financial,physical etc.when u feel u are in a marriage by urself,it’s abandonment #ListenUp
Financial abandonment is common wt men,when d man does not pay any bills,he has abandoned u financially xpecially whn he spends. #ListenUp
Physical Abandonment is common wt women & they can carry on in their marriage like flat mates wt no sexual or physical touch #ListenUp.
While some men can abandon their wives for years searching for greener pastures, sometimes no calls for years. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
In d case of abuse,you have physical, verbal, emotional etc, most women/ men have suffered this in their homes at various stage #ListenUp.
No form of abuse is good as damage done can traumatize the abused but I am totally against physical abuse @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp.
We hv all sorts of affairs;emotional,physical etc. In emotional affair, d person bonds emotionally wt some1 dts not their spouse #ListenUp.
They can talk non stop & share things they shld be sharing wt their spouse, if ds is not quickly checked, physical affair starts. #ListenUp
In ds case, d man or woman starts sleeping wt some1 dts not their spouse. Both types of affairs are a betrayal of d marriage vows! #ListenUp
In all of this 3A; Abadonment, Abuse & Affairs,  you can choose to love and not leave your marriage and your home. @kemi_odutayo
In all of this 3A; Abadonment, Abuse & Affairs, you can choose to love and not leave your marriage and your home. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
I ask ds question & expect to know d reason why a guy has chosen d particular lady to b his wife& d girl agreed to his proposal #ListenUp.
I have found out from experience that it’s easy to leave , so your feelings come to play, loving and staying is a decision! #ListenUp.
Your conviction is what will keep you going when those challenging times come in your marriage! @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute @ikasoe1 #ListenUp
When d need comes to start asking urself why u got married to ur spouse then , it’s ur conviction that will keep you from leaving  #ListenUp
Absolutely! #ListenUp You need to be sure God is in it cos that’s what will keep you going when the going get tough! https://t.co/1pYPq3laVi
The first question, I ask when I counsel soon to be / married people is? What is your conviction that this person is the one? #ListenUp.
Love is an action word & a decision, you choose to love, hold & cleave come rain or shine! @kemi_odutayo  @gbonjute @ikasoe1 #ListenUp
Oh yea! Love is more than a feeling! #ListenUp https://t.co/DUceKNIGpQ
Love according to 1Cor13 suffers long, it does not behave itself unseemingly, it does not seek her own, it’s not easily provoked, #ListenUp
Love thinks no evil, it bears all things, believes all things and endures @kemi_odutayo  @gbonjute @tosinpraise @ikasoe1 #ListenUp
@BridgetElesin @gbonjute @ikasoe1 #ListenUp Is there any situation where you are permitted to leave? Some cite infidelity as a reason
@kemi_odutayo yes ma Jesus Christ said Moses permitted divorce in d case of adultery bcos of d hardness of d heart. So u can 4give&b Married
Love wl make u overlook d glaring faults of ur spouse&help you take the decision to stay when you feel like leaving @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
Marriage is hard work but when u decide 2make t work, u wl do all u can 2love, stay&hv a beautiful marriage no mata d challenges #ListenUp.
What is your challenge that is making you allow your feelings to make you leave instead of love? @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute @ikasoe1 #ListenUp
What ever d issues,your decision to love, wl pay off at last if you are intentional about loving. @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute @ikasoe1 #ListenUp
@kemi_odutayo , it will take wisdom, patience, long suffering and prayers to get the other person to be interested to make it work.
@BridgetElesin What do u advice in a marriage where it seems only 1 if the parties is interested in making it work? https://t.co/Vfyis54z3x
@kemi_odutayo , it will take wisdom, patience, long suffering and prayers to get the other person to be interested to make it work.
Marriage can b likened to d unity of d teeth&tongue!D teeth bites on d tongue&d tongue,wl taste tins dt will put d teeth on edge #ListenUp.
Yet, d teeth & tongue stl get along&help each other to taste & chew! It’s possible to work through your challenges @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
Lol! Nice analogy! But these ‘two’ has no choice. Should we assume marriage is like this as well? #ListenUp https://t.co/SDxyd7aTHx
First, identify what ur issues are, are you feeling abandoned? Abused or is your spouse having an affair? @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute #ListenUp
U need not blame yourself that you are d cause of ur spouse’s misbehavior. Every1’s reaction to things are personal decisions. #ListenUp.
When u start blaming yourself, u will not find the strength to keep loving as to love, starts from within @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute #ListenUp
Identify what the issues are, try to sit down with your spouse to talk it over and see how you can both work it out. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
Choose to do right, if you are d woman, play your part as a wife. B nice to him despite what he is doing. @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute #ListenUp
I blive any1 in physically abusive marriage shld get professional counseling&separate if need b as only pple alive stay married. #ListenUp.
I hv had to chip ds in to help some1 in a physically abused marriage, I am not saying divorce! get help&let d abuser stay away. #ListenUp
I have seen too many senseless deaths in marriages and my counsel will be for those in this category to get help. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
Always make sure your communication lines in your marriage are open. This will always help in any situation to make things better. #ListenUp
4 those dt hv confirmed, their spouses are cheating,kindly ask them to go for medical test, to be safe&use protection wn necessary #ListenUp
What ever d challenges,always look ur best, stay in God’s words&affirm yourself. Pray ur spouse up&trust God 2 turn things around. #ListenUp
These are wise words for the married! There is hope for that marriage. Don’t give up! Thanks so much @BridgetElesin  https://t.co/LUuYbT7nrb
Get mentors, get people that will genuinely pray and encourage you to fight for your marriage and keep your home @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
Wow! Having another idea for another session on #ListenUp: How To Fight Fair In Marriage; the good fight of faith https://t.co/ooZNZ7avnw
If u want 2 remain married, u must keep d circle of friends dt believe in marriage God’s way, pple dt blive in staying&Fixn tins#ListenUp.
#Gbam! Preach it, sis! #ListenUp tweetheartshttps://t.co/reBjVrxPNT
Let me wrap up by sharing how my husband &I do marriage. We agreed from start dt divorce was not part of our home. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
So 1 of d discussions we had b4 getting married&in d early stage of our marriage was to practice advance forgiveness @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
We told ourselves, all d things that can make us go our separate ways and decided to forgive in advance. @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute #ListenUp
Our parents as at the time we got married had been in their marriages for over 30years. So we told ourselves marriage was forever. #ListenUp
It’s not bn easy but we take our marriagevows serious, wt God’sHelp,we hv bn able 2love ourselves thru all kinds of marital issues #ListenUp
@BridgetElesin Even through infidelity? Can we say infidelity is not enough reason to divorce? Pls someone need to hear this! #ListenUp
@kemi_odutayo yes ma Jesus Christ said Moses permitted divorce in d case of adultery bcos of d hardness of d heart. So u can 4give&b Married
@BridgetElesin @kemi_odutayo and God’s grace is sufficient in this situation. Just ask Him for help and He’ll help you love #ListenUp
We also have marriage mentors we are accountable to,so when we have issues we can not easily resolve,we go sit&get wise counsel. #ListenUp.
We make sure we kp our communication lines open. Till date, we deliberately work on our marriage&talk abt everytin. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
We kep a regular date night,get involved in doing things together&we keep friends dt believe in marriage. @kemi_odutayo  @gbonjute #ListenUp
I am sure in almost 12yrs of marriage,we hv both entertained d thots of leaving but d truth is, it’s not greener on d oda side! #ListenUp.
The land is green….yes, it is but definitely not greener on the other side! #ListenUp https://t.co/hkIUHbQ52z
The grass looks greener becos some1 has taken d time&pain to cultivate d garden on d other side. @kemi_odutayo, @gbonjute @ikasoe1 #ListenUp
Hehehe! ‘Looks’ being the operative word. Someone is tending hers, won’t you tend yours? #ListenUp https://t.co/mPcgjTJ6hH
Cultivate your own garden, manure it, weed it &care 4 it, as u do so, you wl see reasons to love even when you feel like leaving. #ListenUp
You must put in the work to make your marriage what you and your spouse desires. @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute @tosinpraise @ikasoe1 #ListenUp
U desire love, give love, u desire better sex life, make d effort to spice things up in d bedroom, Love & submit to one another. #ListenUp
Learn to pray 4 ur spouse& with them. I have found out d more u pray 4 yourselves, u start seeing each other with d eyes of God. #ListenUp
#ListenUp In other words, seeing each other tru God’s eyes wil curb D idea of leaving anytime something goes wrong
Speak what u want 2 see, if unfaithful, call faithful, if mean, call sweet names. What ever u call ur spouse is what they wl bcom #ListenUp
Wow!Time flies, so much 2say, but I trust, some1 has learnt dt you must play your part in making your marriagework. @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp
@BridgetElesin Yes, I definitely learn a thing or 2. 4every marriage dat is working, a lot of work has been invested by D parties #ListenUp
@kemi_odutayo , sister, marriage is not a walk through d park, I laugh when I see pple investing more in weddings.We went thru 4 counsellors
#ListenUp Yes o! Your MARRIAGE is by far of more importance than your WEDDING! So, invest time and money accordingly https://t.co/tZWGof6Kea
@kemi_odutayo ,we read books, we stl go 4 seminars&take notes+we take deliberate actions to safeguard our marriage! Marriage no b beans! Lol
#ListenUp “Marriage no be beans o!” ~ @BridgetElesin So, let’s get ready and work at it! https://t.co/WbPx0yKL98
Keep loving&cleaving, and you will see that leaving will be far from your mind!  @kemi_odutayo @gbonjute @tosinpraise @ikasoe1 #ListenUp
@BridgetElesin Thank you so so much! These are inspiring words that need to be reflected on. Its an honor having you on #ListenUp
Thanks again @kemi_odutayo 4 d opportunity to share and i am happy  with the rain that my network connection did not go off! lol #ListenUp
@BridgetElesin I am happy too o! The network was really on our side. Like l! Once again, i appreciate you! https://t.co/dgtvLlrX4K
Today’s session on #ListenUp was simply a ‘wow’! @BridgetElesin left us with a lot of tweets(food) for thought! http://t.co/ygWrGEvCaM
@kemi_odutayo to God be all the glory ma! I honor and appreciate you always.
Wow! Profound words from @BridgetElesin. I believe God will use these words of hers to bring about a transformation in our lives and homes! Watch out for the MAY EDITION of #ListenUp. It promises to be a blockbuster! Stay blessed!

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