Hello friends! The moment we have been waiting for! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect with the compiled tweets of #ListenUp Wk16 by Jimi Tewe, our Special Guest!

I so much appreciate his openness and willingness to share his personal experience and lessons learnt during the process. If truly you desire to have a loving relationship that will stand the test of time with your spouse, this is A MUST READ. You can also have view the tweetcast in storify version here:


 I pray that as you reflect on these tweets, the ‘wine’ in your home will not go flat! Happy reading!


So I have been asked to speak about what to do when the wine runs out in your marriage & handling temptations #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

Let us start with handling temptations. What exactly is a temptation? I guess it’s different 4 men and women #ListenUp

Temptation is a state of being in which yr desire 4 what is wrong is heightened and that 4 what is right is low #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

The state of temptation means u want to do wrong & only a string of conscience is keeping u back #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

A few years ago,I was baptized with an avalanche of temptations 2 explore ‘external connectivity’beyond my marriage #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

It came at a time when it seemed d wine had run out in my marriage #listenup @kemi_odutayo

I say it ‘seemed’ because I have come to find out that the wine in marriage doesn’t ‘run out’. It only settles #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

Just like anything that settles, love (especially the feeling part) must be stirred constantly to keep it fresh #listenup @kemi_odutayo

Let me say ds, 99.9% of marriages will face the challenge of familiarity- that state where natural appeal will wain #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

I was at that phase a few years ago and it confused me be is it crept up on me #listenup @kemi_odutayo

Incidentally, at that time, I began to get attention (more like I was paying attention) 4m ‘interesting’ prospects. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

The biggest mistake I was making was not talking to my wife about the dissatisfaction I was feeling #listenup@kemi_odutayo

Because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, I didn’t discuss it but now I know dt it was a mistake #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo


@JimiTewe So you sincerely advice men to talk to their wives in such situations? #ListenUp

@kemi_odutayo yes I do.. And the wives must have the self confidence not to react in the situation but b a help-meet

@JimiTewe hmmm. Well said! So lady, let hubby’s heart safely trust in you. Be confident! He married you! You are his choice! #ListenUp

Although I had not given expression to ds potential relationships, my mind was beginning to draw in that direction #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

My wife did try to reach out to me BUT I was in a state where bad wasn’t looking so bad any more #listenup @kemi_odutayo

At this point, she did 2 things that helped me (1) Pray for me (2) Report me to my Pastor (smiles) #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

We had always agreed who we would escalate issues to if the need ever arose. I am forever grateful to her for this #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

@JimiTewe Wise decision! I always cringe inwardly whenever I come across couples that are accountable to no one! #ListenUp Singles, wise up!

A man without control is one who will b out of control. If no one can call u 2 order, u will b a victim of disorder #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

Thankfully, my Pastor didn’t condemn me, he corrected me. That also helped a lot #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

The 3 of us agreed certain boundaries I had to keep and I asked God to help me to stay within them #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

The boundaries provided room for me to focus on stirring up my affections for my wife again #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

My wife and I talked about root challenges and made adjustments with regards to them #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

I also became open with my wife when I was facing temptations. She would ask me what attracted me & use dt on me #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

I must confess that sometimes I would not share some temptations but her love 4 me at d time made me open up #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

I also had to open up to some of my friends & discovered dy we’re going thru d same challenge #Listenup@kemi_odutayo

Sin can only thrive in secrecy and so opening up is key to shutting it up. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

My wife and I started a few new things.. Going out more together, rediscovering fun activities etc #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

For several weeks, my emotions didn’t cooperate but after a while it did. Stirring requires consistency! #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

Now as I begin to wrap up, let me share something else that has helped me #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

As a Christian, I have found out dt d more my fellowship with d Holy Spirit wanes, d more open I am to temptations #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

The easiest thing to do in temptations is to run from God. NO! Run to Him. He knows exactly what u should do #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

At that time, I stopped praying & studying God’s word like I should. I was actually battling condemnation. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

It was only the knowledge of & faith in God’s Righteousness dt enabled me overcome condemnation. Condemnation kills #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

Sometimes, when d pressure was a lot, I’d give d Holy Spirit permission to ‘scatter things’! He always did 😀 #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

Walking in the Spirit (maintaining communion with Him) is d only way to overcome d desires of d flesh #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

Now, let me say this,’ I am still a #learninghusband We will be 10 years in December #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

One thing I am sure of is that I would always pick loving my wife over committing adultery .. BUT… #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

I know that I will still face many temptations. My confidence for d future lies in 2 things.. #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

God IN me and my wife BY me are d weapons for victory in this highly sexualized world #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

The danger of adultery is this: it adulterates the quality of d bond u share with your spouse #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

Adulterated marriages are not strong enough to raise Godly children & to be examples in society #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

Because of what I went thru, I am not quick to judge a man who is going thru d same things.. #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

If you are a man and u r already on d path of adultery even though u don’t want to be, God still LOVES you #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

If you are a man and u r already on d path of adultery even though u don’t want to be, God still LOVES you #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

I have friends dt we pray 2geda at d height of our weakest points & God’s Grace always strengthens us. Let us Pray @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I stand in faith with anyone who is facing sexual temptations 2day and failing #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

I pray that your Grace will be fully supplied to them to walk away 4m Sin & walk back to you #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

I pray that you supply the specific wisdom they need in their situation for their deliverance #ListenUp@kemi_odutayo

I pray that you heal their marriages. May your Grace strengthen them to stir up love with their spouse #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

I ask for this and much more for them, in Jesus Name (Amen).. Wives, keep praying for your man.. He needs it #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo

Thanks a lot @kemi_odutayo for this opportunity #ListenUp Remember to get your spouse to attend d 7Starworker Confernce on May1. it’s FREE

@JimiTewe Aaaamen! This is profound! Am speechless! ‘Good’ speechless! Thank you so much for speaking/tweeting from the heart! #ListenUp

@JimiTewe Warm regards to your dear & darling wife! She is a wise woman. May the wine in your marriage be continuously stirred up! Love ya!

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