#ListenUp #JanuaryEdition

Hello friends! We have 15 more days and 2014 will come to an end! Yippee! I love new beginnings! Lol! 2015, here we come!

Guess what? It’s also exactly 17 more days for#ListenUp to kick off! I am excited! Are you? You should be!

#ListenUp is a weekly mentoring twitter event where men and women of #Faith, #Experience and #Expertise in their different circles of influence will mentor us through their tweetcast. They will be discussing the #RealLifeIssues we constantly battle with in our #EverydayLife.

#ListenUp is a ME4 Initiative where we aim to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE/ENLIGHTEN, EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE AND ENTERTAIN the society especially in the area of relationships. That’s what ME4 Initiatives are all about! It’s all about you!

Watch Out for my next post where I talk more about the #JanuaryEdition of #ListenUp. I will tell you about our able guests and the topics they will be mentoring us on. Stay blessed! He is the reason for the season!

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