Wow! 2015 comes to an end. We at ME4 Initiatives, the organiser of #ListenUpNG are grateful! The year was fantastic and impactful, thanks to men and women of experience, expertise and passion in their areas of influence who patnered with us! 2016 promises to be more impactful as through our […]

#MyNLPStory – Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) With InnocentMINDS

1.There is NO FAILURE, only FEEDBACK. So don’t be afraid to dream big, think big, talk big and dare to do big things #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar 2.Nothing means anything except the MEANING you attach to it! U can actually change the meaning U give to incidents in yr life #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar […]

#MySexuality : Is Submission A Woman’s Duty Only?

1. Hi everyone! I count it a rare privilege to be on #mysexuality this evening. Kudos to the team and the guest who shared with us last week. 2. We will still be examining the issue of SUBMISSION from a different perspective tonight on #mysexuality . IS SUBMISSION A WOMAN’S […]