What’s Your 2 cents?

There is a thought provoking write up that has been making the rounds on the social media for quite some time now. I decided to post it here today mainly because I want you to post your comments, send in your observations, corrections etc. Till date, I sincerely don't know […]

Where Are The Mothers?

Where are the mothers? Or better still, so as to be able to answer this question satisfactorily, let's first ask : WHO IS A MOTHER? According to yourdictionary.com the term MOTHER can be used as both a noun and a verb.Mother (verb) : to bring up (a child) with care […]

To The Real Guys(Singles) Out There!

Hello friends! A shout out to the REAL GUYS out there! Just thought to share this post I got today from a dear brother with you! I have put my little 'extra' here and there but the crust of the message remains the same. God bless you as you read, […]

Find Out Your (Spouse’s) Love Language (2)

Hi! Are we ready to find out our Love Languages? Did I hear someone ask if it's necessary? Yea! It is! I mean, if you want to take your relationship to a new level. If you desire to experience a greater level of intimacy, understanding and bonding with that person […]

Find Out Your (Spouse’s) Love Language (1)

With the just concluded series on MIND YOUR LANGUAGE posted on this blog (Click on this link http://bit.ly/1sow5BP to bring yourself up to speed), I am fairly sure someone wants to know for certain what his/her LOVE LANGUAGE is! And yes, you can! By observation and answering some bunch of […]

The Gift And The Giver.

Hi, KOB readers! In case you're wondering *winking* KOB is my acronym for Kemi Odutayo's Blog! Lol! Yes, am back. Making up for lost time I guess. Today, I will be talking about the last but definitely not the least of the Love Languages – Receiving of Gifts! If this […]

Your Time: A Valuable Investment!

Time is a resource! A very valuable one at that, if well invested in our relationships. Everybody have a Primary Love Language; one that is sure to hit their soft spot whenever 'spoken' in the relationship. It is in our best interest not only to know ours but that of […]

Touch Me Not? (MYL 103)

Physical Touch is another Love Language we need to be conversant with. Its unfortunate that in our own side of the world, Africa this is least expressed. Adversely, any obvious show of affection is seen as inappropriate and unnecessary! However, several studies have shown that the physical expression of love […]

Wants To Be Heard? Speak Louder With Actions! (MYL 102)

Hello friends! Wow! Its nice to be here again! We are still on our series MIND YOUR LANGUAGE(MYL). If you truly want a lasting relationship with others, paying particular attention to how you communicate your feelings, observations, advice, criticisms etc is key! Today, we will be examining the Love Language, […]