You wanna propose or accept a proposal?

Hi everyone! Happy Mothers’ Day! Yes, my goodwill message goes to everyone! Lol! Mothers, prospective mums and all men that have been touched positively by one woman or the other in their lifetime. This post will round up a series of posts that I have dedicated to our Singles thus […]

‘Dating’ with a mission! (DAM)

Hello! The month of March is almost over. The first quarter of year 2014! I want us to examine our lives; take stock to see how far we have come. Let’s ask ourselves questions. Chief among which is, ‘Will doing what I am presently engaged in bring me closer to […]

What are you thinking?

Hello everyone! Its been quite a while. Hope you are good? Hmmm. So many things happening almost concurrently! News flying here and there. Sometimes, I really have to agree with that saying that, ‘No News Is Good News!’ The missing Malaysian plane with almost 300 passengers is yet to be […]

Let's March Against Rape Too!(2)

Hello! Hope you found my last post enlightening? Am sure you do! Without much ado, we will begoing straight into the concluding part of Nnamdi’s true life story of Rape, Abuse and Molestation. Continued from last post ( ). Click to read and bring yourself up to date. This is my […]