Words failed me! Shortly after my last post, I heard the News of the ‘Yobe Massacre’ and a heavy cloud of sadness descended on my soul. It is with a heavy heart I bring you this public statement by the Chairman of the NATIONAL Human Rights Commission. PUBLIC STATEMENT BY […]

Are you watching this movie titled, ' Naija'?

Hi everyone! Hope our week is moving on fine? And I hope you were able to glean one or two things in my last post,’ When enough is enough!’? Note this though, marriage is honourable! We can’t afford to respond to the stress and difficulty in marriage as though we’re […]

When enough is enough! (2)

It is well! *sighing deeply* This is not just a cliché; its a prayer and a prophecy! Whatever may be an anomaly in your relationship; be it with your spouse, father, mother, sibling, in-laws, boss, staff etc will be resolved speedily with God’s wisdom IJN! I decree and declare that […]

When enough is enough!

Hello everyone! It’s really a very sad moment when you allow your mind to dwell on the incident that happened between Titi Arowolo and her husband, Akolade on that faithful day in 2011.The horrible domestic violence resulted in the death of Titi and in the eventual death sentence (death by […]

Accepting your spouse for who he or she is!

Hi everyone! Hope you are finding my posts on this blog motivating, educating, encouraging, empowering and sometimes entertaining? Lol! I really hope so! Because that’s what Me4 Initiatives is all about! It’s all about you, my readers! It’s all about you enjoying and not enduring your relationship! It’s my heart […]

Ladies! Let’s fix it!

Hi everyone! How was the celebration? Hmmm. Valentine has come and gone! I hope the loving gestures displayed to loved ones on that day haven’t gone with the wind as well? Lol! To most people, the valentine season serves as an opportunity to mend the rift in most relationship by […]

Why men cheat!

Hello everyone! Love is in the air! Lol! I am wishing you my readers a special valentine’s greetings! Hope you find my last post helpful? I really hope you did. We just have to make sure we think twice before breaking off that relationship especially if the relationship in question […]