Getting Them from Childhood to Adulthood

Hello friends! How are we doing? Guess we are hanging in there with great expectations? Well, all things are possible! Welcome to February 2014, my month of possibilities! Following up on my last post, someone sent me this and I thought to myself, 'don't just keep it share it!'. I […]


Blessed morning all! It’s great to be back! Hope we are gradually moving towards our goals? Remember, don’t wait for your ship to come in, get in the sea and swim towards it! Note the key word in this statement, ‘swim’. It goes without saying that if you don’t know […]


Hello friends! I really hope our weekend was great? And that you were able to get yourself a much needed rest before starting another working week? Hmmm. I really hope so. Knowing Lagos and we Lagosians…I really hope so! Lol! Sequel to my last post, ‘Why I love homosexuals.’ I […]

Why I love homosexuals

Great day friends. I am so glad to be back. Hope things are going on fine? Lets remember that every new day is another chance to change our lives. Dare to take a chance; a calculated risk and see what God can accomplish through you. Someone once said and I […]

Ever heard of ‘Zoning’ in Relationship? (2)

I have heard cases of ladies saying they have been jilted after three,four,five or more years of relationship. Often times the relationship has not been well defined! One of the party has been cruising around, whiling away time till someone ‘better’ comes along. That’s why you see someone break off […]

Ever heard of 'Zoning' in Relationship?

Hi friends! Hope you are doing great? I’m sure you are! And if you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering, ‘Didn’t we just celebrate Jan 1st? Where is the year running to?’ that means you are yet to embark on any of your goals this year! But you know what? 2014 […]

Is it a crime to break off a relationship? (2)

Hmmm. Is it really a crime? Is there anything wrong in doing this? We will take a look at these and many more questions in today's blog. How are you doing? Hope your plans for the year are gradually shaping up? If not, don't sweat it, today is another opportunity. […]

Is it a crime to break off a relationship?

Hello! Glad to be back again. Hope you are doing great? I believe this year shall end on a good note for us all if only we take time to work towards our goals. Today, I am going to continue with my book, the SECRET PASSION, with a little digression […]

Help! Where can I get…

** Hello friends! How has it been? Hope the year has kicked off on a good note for you? For me, it has! Starting this blog is one of the goals on my to-do-list! And I thank YOU for visiting or following my blog. In my last blog I promised […]

Why I write!

      Hi friends! Welcome back. Yesterday I posted the Forward of my book – SECRET PASSION – written by my ‘mum’ Nike Adeyemi. Today I present the First Words from the author (yours truly) lol! WHY I WRITE It is my desire to pen words that will make […]